Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide, Part 2: Statement Necklaces We Love

Still trending statement necklaces as featured on January 2016
Statement Necklaces as seen on

Do you need a little inspiration for Valentine’s Day gift giving? Featured below are three statement necklaces any woman would be thrilled to receive. One literally makes a statement – “I Love You,” although it’s a subtle treatment that only the giver and the recipient need understand. The other two use natural and repurposed materials to make an important statement about the value of artisan-designed jewelry. Happy shopping!

Hidden Message I Love You Necklace
Hidden Message I Love You Necklace by Vancaro

The “I Love You” Hidden Message Necklace

This titanium steel pendant on a chain is an innovative way to say “I Love You,” and makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Order the Hidden Message Necklace for yourself or your sister, mother or BFF. In our unofficial office survey, some of the guys said they’d wear it too! $59, at

Oneta Statement Necklace by We Dream in Colour
Oneta Statement Necklace by We Dream in Colour

The Oneta Necklace

We Dream in Colour produces handmade designs in Salem, MA, using repurposed materials to create vintage-inspired designs. Their Oneta Necklace of brass-with-patina resembles the turquoise used in Southwestern-style jewelry.

Accessories Magazine said “it also feels as if it could be a modern day Nefertiti design; as well as a classic Belle Epoque silhouette.” $78, at

And, see the matching Oneta Earrings below, in case you really want to impress her.

We Dream in Colour Oneta Earrings
We Dream in Colour Oneta Earrings. $74.

The Jonesy Wood Necklace

In today’s hectic, high-tech world, jewelry collectors have a new-found appreciation for pieces that celebrate nature, spirituality, and old-world craftsmanship. Jewelry from Jonesy Wood in New York embodies all of these elements with a fashion-forward approach.

Jonesy Wood Pendant Necklace
Jonesy Wood Pendant Necklace

Their 40-inch pendant necklace is made from brown buffalo bone beads, a hand-made ceramic egg, and a hand-tooled leather tassel (so on-trend). If it reminds you of worry beads, just go with it; we all need a little something to hold onto in these challenging times.

Jonesy Wood donates a portion of the proceeds from some of its collections to the Connor Pullen Foundation for pediatric respiratory disease. Featured above: The Countess Necklace from the Buri Collection, $168, at

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