All-Purpose Jewelry Cleaning Kit

Connoisseurs’ All-Purpose Jewelry Cleaning Kit gives you everything you need to clean all your jewelry in one convenient red box. It’s perfect for a post-lockdown Total Jewelry Refresh…and it makes an ideal gift for all those wedding showers on your schedule once again.

Your All-Purpose Jewelry Cleaning Kit contains:

  1.  One 8-oz. container of ammonia-free Connoisseurs Delicate Jewelry Cleaner, which is safe and effective for all types of jewelry.
  2. Our easy-to-use Jewelry Dip Tray and Touch-up Brush
  3. One 2-ply 5″ x 7″ UltraSoft Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloth
  4. One 2-ply 5″ x 7″ UltraSoft Gold Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Not sure what your jewelry is made of?
Click HERE to find out "What's my metal?"

IngredientCAS #Function
c12-15 pareth-968131-39-5Cleaning Agents
undeceth-734398-01-1Cleaning Agents
ammonium lauryl sulfate68081-96-9Cleaning Agents
tetrasodium iminodisuccinate144538-83-0Conditioner
sodium citrate68-04-2Conditioner
acrylic copolymer192003-74-0Protectant
citric acid77-92-9pH Adjuster
fragrancenot availableFragrance

0.74 lbs