2024 jewelry influencers

February 26, 2024

The Best Jewelry Influencers of 2024 to Add Bling to Your Social Feed

Ahead we pick three of our favorite jewelry content creator connoisseurs known for their solid gold social posts.

While you used to have to scour the society pages or peruse a Parisian catwalk for latest jewelry trends and dazzle du jour, today, all you have to do is open your social feed, and voilà! Jewelry influencers, or creators who make content showcasing innovative trends on how to wear jewelry are dominating the conversation around jewelry trends season after season. Jewelry influencers often collaborate with brands and emerging designers who are setting the gold standard for what’s hot in the world of accessories. 

Jewelry influencers invite you into their world and give an insider’s peek into a trend, so you can decide for yourself if it might work for you. Their content serves as inspiration for everyone, from shoppers around the world to designers seeking muses, and celebrities who want to be ahead of the curve. These industry leaders are tastemakers, known for defining cultural moments like how to wear jewelry in unique and unexpected ways. Trends like layering necklaces, stacking rings, or even what type of metal to favor each season often happens first on TikTok and Instagram, before becoming worldwide sensations. (Remember the permanent jewelry trend? Zapping was a phenomenon that lit TikTok on fire, and the rest was history.)

Ahead, Connoisseurs introduces you to three of the top jewelry influencers of 2024 we love for your feed. Each brings a little something different to the conversation, because not all jewelry content hits the same note. You’ll find exquisite inspirational content, we’re talking bling from private collections and designer showcases, to valuable lifestyle jewelry tips, and an inside peek into tomorrow’s trends. 

ChampagneGem_Influencer 2024


Bebe Bakhshi is a high jewelry blogger and creator based in Australia known as @Champagne_gem. She’s been a creator for over a decade and is known as a connoisseur of diamonds. A quick scroll of her feed is like stepping into Christie’s or into the pages of Vogue, as you’ll find only the finest jewels (lots and lots of diamonds) beautifully curated in an elevated aesthetic. Follow her along on her escapades, whether she’s visiting Geneva for a Haute Jewels show, Miami Beach for the Original Miami Beach Antique Show, or Tokyo for a private viewing at a diamond atelier. Her feed is dripping in diamonds, so give her account a follow for an inside look into private collections, crown jewel exhibitions, and for the ultimate high jewelry look inspiration. 



Julia Ward is a jewelry piercer based in the UK who curates singular jewelry looks. Their ear-scapes are utterly inspired, telling an entire story and defining style trends. Their dermal piercings, too, are remarkable ways of incorporating sparkle into your look and give a unique approach to wearing diamond jewelry all over your body. We love that there’s a dainty, charming aesthetic behind her style that adds tension to their jewelry work. Give their account a follow at @Juliawardpiercing.

04 GemGossip Influencer


Danielle Miele is a jewelry blogger, gemologist, and collector of jewelry, known as @Gemgossip. We love her feed for trendspotting, (hello, dainty jewelry for 2024) and introducing us to our latest obsessions like collecting solid gold key charms. But where she really shines is as a relatable jewelry connoisseur with invaluable tips. We love when she reminds you to clean your jewelry box (makes so much sense) and to get your jewelry appraised. We’re also rolling on the ground laughing at her memes that hit home with the jewelry-obsessed. Give her account a follow if you’re looking for hacks to get the most of your jewelry collection, a fan of gemstone jewelry, and looking for inspiration on how to build a wearable collection.

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