The Best Diamonds Jewelry Cleaner

How to Clean Diamonds

While a diamond is the hardest stone on earth, scoring a 10 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, this doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible to damage. Ahead, find our diamond cleaning do’s and don’ts to ensure your precious rocks maintain their integrity and sparkle.
Diamond Cleaning Don’ts
Let’s start by reviewing some things we want you to avoid when it comes to cleaning diamonds at home.
· Don’t ever use any “home cleaning remedy” like toothpaste or ketchup on diamonds (trust us, people have done these things). We advise against DIY remedies in general and point people towards professional jewelry cleaning products.
· Don’t ever use any household cleaner to clean your diamond. Household cleansers may be harmful to the stone or setting.
Diamond Cleaning Do’s
· Do always take off your jewelry when doing household chores and any time you’re using chemicals.
· Do clean your diamond frequently to remove buildup of products like hairspray, moisturizers or sunscreens that tend to accumulate on diamond rings. Such buildup will compromise the brilliance of your diamond.
Connoisseurs Tip: A diamond is very rarely, if ever, set in silver. This is because silver is too soft a metal to hold a diamond. If you see an engraving marked 925 on your ring, this indicates that the metal is made of sterling silver. Keep in mind that platinum or gold is the preferred setting for diamond jewelry.
What the Pros Know About Cleaning Diamonds
The best way to clean your diamond is to use Connoisseurs Advanced Dazzle Drops or Connoisseurs Fine Jewelry Cleaner. These products have been specifically formulated to be safe for cleaning diamonds, including diamond engagement and wedding rings, and diamond earrings.
Also try Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik for a quick and convenient sparkle. The cosmetic-style pen fits perfectly into your handbag or cosmetics bag to make it easy to keep your diamond dazzling when you’re on-the-go or traveling. So, go ahead and show off that diamond anytime!

Physical Description

Does not fog up. Sinks in water.
Will be set in an expensive metal
such as gold or platinum. Highly refractive.

Mohs Hardness

Color Range
Usually clear but can be yellow, pink, blue, brown and gray.