Trending: Lariat Necklaces for Fall…and Beyond

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Have you been following the delicate lariat necklace trend? Did you think it was just a summer fling, limited to off-the-shoulder looks and deep V-necks? While there’s nothing like a lariat necklace to show off your décolletage, they’ve been spotted on fall runways with girl-boss suits and turtlenecks too. You may need to heavy-up on the chain weight and increase your layers, but the lariat look is here to stay…a jewelry classic that turns heads and transcends seasons.

Fan Favorites

Lariats and Y-necklaces are all over Instagram these days, and a quick “store-check” of online jeweler BaubleBar confirms their popularity. Not only is the mega-site showing terrific new lariats for fall, they’ve just restocked their sold-out Abbie Y-Choker Necklace. This BB Essential is available again, for just $36, at

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While you’re there, take a look BB’s innovative Mini Monogram Y-Necklace; it combines two hot jewelry trends — lariats and personalization. Ranging from $200 for 10K gold-plated silver to $330 for 14K rose gold, this one-of-a-kind piece would make a stunning stocking stuffer.

Lots of Layerability

Chanel Goldtone Chain Link Lariat Style Tassel Necklace
Chanel Goldtone Chain Link Lariat Style Tassel Necklace. Available at

As the leaves begin to turn and the weather cools down, it’s time to start layering our clothing and our jewelry. In terms of necklaces, lariats and chokers were made for each other. Consider mixing metal lariats with velvet, leather or beaded chokers, and check out pieces that offer multiple layers in a single money-saving buy.


Y Knot?

Look for variations on the lariat including clasp-less styles that wrap around the neck with two sides hanging freely. Or fold a long chain belt or necklace in half and slip both ends through the loop for a casually knotted effect.

Like the snake jewelry motif? There are many lariat necklaces that incorporate the slithery creatures in gold or silver, with or without jeweled eyes. This one from BaubleBar features a blue cabochon on the end of the chain ($42). Why not make it your signature look for fall?


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