Peridot, the August Birthstone: Cool, Chic, Contemporary

Tamara Comolli bracelet with peridot
Jewelry designer Tamara Comolli is known as a color authority. Here she uses crisp green Peridot with blue stones in her Watercolors necklace and matching bracelet. Available at Tamara Comolli Boutiques, and Marissa of Naples in Florida.

Peridot, the August birthstone, is a well-loved and ancient gemstone which has been used to create jewelry dating back to the Pharaohs in Egypt. It is, at the same time, one of the most contemporary-looking of all gemstones. The gem variety of the mineral Olivine, Peridot ranges from light green to olive-green; the most desirable color being deep olive-green with a slight yellowish tint. Because Peridot keeps its sparkling color under artificial light, it is sometimes called the “Evening Emerald.” But to my mind, Peridot’s vibrant, slightly offbeat color makes it feel like Emerald’s younger, hipper sister.

Stephen Webster earrings from the Albion Collection
Albion Rose Magnipheasant Drop Earrings with Topaz and Peridot, by British designer Stephen Webster. Look for his jewelry on, or at better department stores near you.

A Great Mixer

Not only does Peridot mix well with almost every other gemstone, its limelight works with silver and platinum, yellow, pink or white gold, as well as with pearls. Fashion-wise, Peridot’s yellow-green color can sometimes take on an almost neon aura, a perfect foil for this season’s runway trend of black-with-neon styles.

An International Choice

Fine jewelry makers including British designer Stephen Webster, German-born Tamara Comolli, and Mathon Paris are all using Peridot in their collections. The American designer Alexandra Mor, known for her stunning Limited-Edition and bespoke jewels, has helped jettison Peridot into the pantheon of “Haute Joaillerie.” Her one-of-a-kind Three-Stone Peridot and Diamond Ring left me swooning…along with several jewelry editors I know.

Indulge in Peridot

So is the sprightly green Peridot really Emerald’s little sister? I think Peridot is indeed all grown up and ready to dazzle on her own. August is the perfect month to make this cool, chic and contemporary-looking birthstone part of your permanent jewelry wardrobe.

Peridot and diamond ring by Alexandra MorAlexandra Mor Three-Stone Peridot and Diamond Ring. A three-stone emerald-cut Peridot ring totaling 21.04 carats, set with intricate intertwined bands adorned with Alexandra Mor’s signature details of 262 “floating” Diamond melee and knife-edged double spit prongs. 1.17 carat total Diamond weight. Platinum set on 1mm 18-karat yellow gold band with Alexandra Mor logo gallery. Signed by artist. Crafted in the USA. One-of-a Kind. SOLD. The Alexandra Mor Collection of Limited-Edition Jewelry, as well as her Bespoke Jewelry Designs, will be available this fall exclusively at Dorfman Jewelers, Boston.



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