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The Kanye West fashion empire is going strong. Editors and bloggers loved his Yeezy Season 5 collection, his sneakers are considered collectors’ items, and a new makeup line, named for his mother Donda, is due out soon.

As if all this were not enough, Kanye West’s jewelry collection, his first ever, is now available on YeezySupply.com. You may not realize it, but you’ve been viewing West’s jewelry for months on social media, as modeled by his wife, the world’s most photographed women, Kim Kardashian.

Left:  18k Yellow Gold 60″ Chain Weight 95.6g | Right:  18k Yellow Gold 25″ Chain Weight 76.8g
Photos Courtesy of YeezySupply.com

A Sneak Peek at Kanye’s Jewelry Collection

Man's 18k Yellow Gold Ring
Man’s 18k Yellow Gold
Ring. Photo Courtesy of YeezySupply.com


Kardashian was first spotted wearing a series of layered gold pendants at the MTV Awards in August and the Spring 2017 Givenchy show in October in Paris, giving rise to much speculation about her new signature jewelry look. Last week it was announced that her husband’s 12-piece 18K yellow gold collection is a collaborative effort with jeweler Jacob Arabo of Jacob & Co. It features four wide gold rings and eight medallion-style pendant necklaces.

zz-Kanye West's 18K Yellow Gold Jewelry Collection. Photos Courtesy of yeezysupply.com
Kanye West 18k Yellow Gold Pendant on 25″ Chain Weight 92.8g. Photo Courtesy of yeezysupply.com

Timeless Love

In an interview with Vogue, West explained, “I wanted to create something that represented timeless love.”  The magazine reported that West’s pieces were inspired by 14th-century Florentine art and are meant to capture “classical romance.”

The pendants depict women’s profiles as well as a Madonna and Child motif often used in Renaissance paintings.

Reproduction Roman Coin, $34 at The HL Collection at Etsy
Reproduction Roman Coin, $34 at The HL Collection on Etsy.com

Get the Look for Less

The Kanye West 18K gold collection ranges from $4,810 to $13,360 for the necklaces and $1,530 to $9,610 for the rings. If you’re having trouble keeping up with the Kardashian-West jewelry budget (and who isn’t?), try layering gold-tone metal pieces in similar styles at more affordable prices.

Byzantine Cross Reproduction Necklace, 18K Gold Overlay on Sterling Silver, $375, metmuseum.org
Byzantine Cross Reproduction Necklace, 18K Gold Overlay on Sterling Silver, $375, at metmuseum.org.

You don’t have to limit yourself to the theme of eternal love. Look for reproductions of ancient coins, religious medals, and museum shop replicas in the same matte gold finish. Wear them on chains of varying lengths for that collected-over-time look for less.


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  1. Deanna Takahashi

    I am surprised that a man I thought had no talent whatsoever could make something as delicate and beautiful as the necklaces are.
    I do much prefer gold over silver with my skin tone and I would happily wear those. The ring looked like a hunk of golden colored play doh a child rolled into a facsimile of a something he saw in an auto shop.

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