How to Select the Right Jewelry Gift Every Time

Jewelry can be one of the most precious and personal gifts one can give. Yet many people are intimidated when it comes to selecting the right jewelry gift for friends — or even family members — because they’re not sure if the recipient will like the style they choose.

Eleni Drop Crystal Earrings from BaubleBar
Eleni Drop Crystal Earrings from BaubleBar, $36.

After establishing your budget, ask yourself a few key questions to determine what type of jewelry best suits your giftee. For instance, what is their personal fashion style? Do they usually wear silver or do they prefer gold? What are their favorite colors? And, finally (and perhaps most important), what jewelry pieces will mean the most to them?

Wardrobe Watching

By employing some simple powers of observation you can pick up on style signals your friends and family are sending, and match them to a piece of jewelry they’ll love.

To help you get started we’ve identified four key style categories and paired them with affordable jewelry gift suggestions. Happy hunting!

The Classic

She knows her own look…it’s timeless, never too trendy. She collects versatile separates and good accessories (and she might have a closet full of LBDs).

For the Classic, you can’t go wrong with a gold or silver link-style bracelet. We show it here in sterling, but if you can afford the gold, and she’s a gold girl, by all means go for it! Andiamo Sterling Silver Oval Link Bracelet, $135, at

Classic Fall Outfit + Ross Simons Sterling Silver Link Bracelet.
A Classic Outfit for Fall 2017. Photo Courtesy of Polyvore on Pinterest.
Inset: Ross Simons Sterling Silver Link Bracelet.
OBJ Tip: To help her keep all her gold and silver jewelry dazzling, slip a package of Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes in your gift bag. She’ll thank you for it!

The Boho

She’s the first one at the festival…and the last to leave. She favors long flowing skits, floppy hats, cut-offs, and off-the-shoulder tops (yes, even for fall).

Boho fashion girls love eclectic and colorful jewelry, including turquoise and coral beads, tassel chandelier earrings, and swinging pendants. We love Ettika’s fringe-style hoops for under $100 at

Roberto Cavalli 2018 Resort Collection + Ettika Earrings
Boho Goes Resort. Roberto Cavalli 2018 Resort Collection, Photo Courtesy of Cavalli on Pinterest. Inset: Earrings @Ettika on Instagram.
OBJ Tip: Whenever our editors give jewelry they always include the appropriate jewelry cleaner with the gift. It’s such a thoughtful gesture. For delicate semiprecious stones, such as opal and coral, consider Connoisseurs Delicate Jewelry Cleaner. And to find out which cleaner is right for each metal and gemstone, click here for a handy jewelry cleaning chart.

The Retro

Retro fashion fans embrace an antique or vintage jewelry vibe, but they usually don’t limit themselves to any one decade or era. Check out 1stDibs or RubyLane for one-of-a-kind pieces they won’t see coming and going. We found this stunning 1920 Art Deco “Paste” Brooch, with the look of diamonds, for $545, on

Fall 1950s Vintage Outfit + Retro Fashion Girls Like to Mix Pieces. Circa 1920 Art Deco Diamond Paste Brooch
Fall 1950s Vintage Outfit. Photo Courtesy of Reoria on Pinterest. Inset: Retro Fashion Girls Like to Mix Jewelry from Different Eras.
Circa 1920 Art Deco Diamond Paste Brooch. Photo Courtesy of
OBJ Tip: For her real diamonds and precious jewelry, give her a Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik to keep in her handbag or tote for quick touch-ups on the go. It works wonders on engagement rings, too, a favorite of bridal bloggers and editors.

The Glamour Girl

You know the type: she’s the life of the party. She loves to dress up and understands the value of maximizing her dazzle. Give her a head start on the holidays with a bold statement necklace, shoulder-duster earrings, or a cocktail ring. This one from BaubleBar for only $48 is a steal!

Cocktail Rings Are All About Glamour, Over-the-top Crystal Lion Head Ring
Cocktail Rings Are All About Glamour. Photo Courtesy of
Inset: Over-the-top Crystal Lion Head Ring at
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  1. Jerry

    The classic is the best!!!
    If it can write name on jewellery it would be much better.
    I saw a lot personalized jewelry on web like this:
    But never see things the the classic one. Can you send me the link of this one?
    I want to buy one as a gift for my wife on Valentine’s Day.
    If it can write name on jewellery, I am sure my wife would definitely cry out when she see it.
    If would be nice if you can reply me the link or send it to my email.

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