Look for Glamorous Garnets this Red Carpet Season

Garnets are a group of related minerals found in a rainbow of colors, including fiery red Pyrope, vibrant orange Spessartine, and rare green varieties of Tsavorite and Demantoid Garnet. Best known as January’s birthstone, the glamorous Garnet is expected to make a dazzling showing this Red Carpet Season.

January Birthday Girl Kate Moss and Garnet Ring by Angarra
January Birthday Girl Kate Moss and Garnet Ring by Angara. Photo courtesy of huffpost.com via angara.com

Celebrity’s Choice

Jorge Adeler, owner of Great Falls, VA-based Adeler Jewelers, knows a thing or two about celebrities and their jewelry. He’s bejeweled dozens of A-listers in his gorgeous custom designs, including Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, just to name-drop a few.

Actress Scarlett Johansson, for instance, wore custom Adeler garnet earrings to a celebrity dinner at the Dolce & Gabbana Gold Restaurant in Milan during Womenswear Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Week.

L. Scarlett Johansson | Red Garnet and Rutilated Quartz Custom Earrings
L. Scarlett Johansson wearing exquisite Adeler Rose Gold and Garnet earrings at the Dolce & Gabbana Gold Restaurant.
Photo courtesy of JorgeAdeler.com
R. Red Garnet and Rutilated Quartz Custom Earrings by Jorge Adeler

“Fab Scarlett Johansson’s 18K rose gold shepherd’s hook earrings featured triangular cabochon garnets…from which suspended long rutilated quartz rectangular slabs,” said Adeler on his celebrity-studded website.

The combination of rich red garnet and rutilated quartz on ScarJo was a contemporary and fashion-forward jewelry choice that did not go unnoticed by the paparazzi.

January It-Girls

Kate Moss in David Yurman Jewelry Campaign
Kate Moss in David Yurman Jewelry Campaign

January-born celebs have been known to show off their birthstone jewels on the red carpet, and we suspect Sunday’s Golden Globes will not disappoint. Iconic supermodel Kate Moss is one such Garnet fan; she’s celebrating her 43rd (!) birthday on January 16.

Moss has been a magazine cover girl every year since 1993, and, of course, many of those years saw her on multiple covers. Most recently she has been the face of David Yurman Jewelry, so presumably she can get her hands on all the gorgeous Garnets she wants.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Garnet and Rose Gold Ring once belonged to her mother-in-law
L. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Photo courtesy of femina.cz.
R. Kate’s Garnet and Rose Gold Ring once belonged to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana

Happy Birthday to Kate Middleton, or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who turns 35 on January 9. OBJ has long admired Kate the Great’s fashion and jewelry style…which includes some fabulous Garnet pieces from the Queen Mother’s Royal Collection.

Demantoid Garnets

Faberge Demantoid Garnet Seahorse
Faberge Demantoid Garnet Seahorse. Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Antique Russian Demantoid Garnet Necklace
Antique Russian Demantoid Garnet Necklace. Photo courtesy of romanovrussia.com
Legend has it that Garnets light up the night and protect their owners from nightmares. Will we see Garnets light up the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards on January 8? Look to OBJ for jewelry highlights on January 10.

January-born Garnet Fans

Kate Middleton | Oprah Winfrey | Kate Moss | Faye Dunaway | Mariska Hargitay
Ellen DeGeneres | Alicia Keys | Mary J. Blige

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