Engagement Ring Trends: Everything Old Is New Again

Wedding gown by Oscar de la Renta
Wedding Gown by Oscar de la Renta. Photo Courtesy of HarpersBazaar.com

We’re midway between the biggest month for engagements (December) and the peak month for weddings (June), so it’s a good time to explore what’s new in engagement ring trends. Jewelers are reporting the comeback of three retro diamond styles that have been under the radar for a while: baguettes, Marquise cuts, and pear-shaped stones. Let’s take a look…


The baguette, like the French bread that shares its name, is a long rectangular-cut diamond with octagonal corners. Most popular during the Art Deco period of the 1920s and ‘30s, the baguette is back in a big way. Baguettes have always been a hallmark of high jewelry, prized for their luster and clarity. Consider them the perfect counterpoint to a traditional brilliant-cut diamond.

Art Deco emerald cut diamond ring with baguettes
Art Deco 1.50-Carat Emerald Cut Diamond & Baguettes (0.40 Carats) Five-Stone Engagement Ring. ChampagneGem.com
East-West Marquise-Cut Diamond Ring by Amanda Jaron
East-West Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring Designed by Amanda Jaron of Naples, Florida. Price on request at AJaron.com

Marquise Cuts

Today’s engaged couples are rediscovering the age-old Marquise-cut diamond, especially in a modern East-West setting. Looking for something unique to signify their personal style, many are eschewing classic diamond solitaires in favor of the double-pointed Marquise. Legend has it that Louis XV commissioned the first Marquise diamond, inspired by the smile of the Marquise (or Madame) de Pompadour.

Pear-shaped Fancy Intense Green Diamond and Argyle Pink Diamond Ring
One-of-a Kind Ring Featuring 3.5-Carat Natural Fancy Intense Green Diamond with Argyle Pink Diamonds. Price on request at TheOneAndOnlyOne.com

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Another style once thought to belong to older generations, the pear-shaped diamond is back for a return engagement. Celebrities and royalty have embraced this look, including Katherine Heigl, Victoria Beckham, and Princess Charlene of Monaco. Thanks to social media, news and views of celebrity engagement ring trends are shaping the preferences of modern-day brides and grooms.

On the Cutting Edge

According to Brecken Branstrator of National Jeweler, “Both Marquise-cut and pear-shaped diamonds are great aspirational diamonds for consumers who might consider themselves more fashion-forward or trendy.” These comeback cuts are inspirational as well, recalling the tradition and heritage of days gone by.

If these words describe you or your betrothed, consider a Marquise or pear-shaped diamond…and add a couple of baguettes for good measure. You’ll be way ahead of the curve!

Source: NationalJeweler.com

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