Chanel Accessories by Karl Lagerfeld: The Ultimate Fashion Collectibles

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Ooh. La. La.

When it comes to creating chic and unique fashion accessories, no one comes close to Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. Just when you thought you’d seen every imaginable variation of camellia brooch, pearl-encrusted necklace, and quilted bag, Mr. Lagerfeld’s new Chanel accessories for Spring-Summer ‘17 left the crowd in Paris swooning.

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Back to the Future

From the ground up, all was groundbreaking. While a few models wore classic silver and black-toed slippers (a modern take on Chanel’s iconic two-tone slingback), most sported a geek-chic perforated flat with straps.

In keeping with the show’s data center décor, handbags resembled motherboards with LED light-up designs in a dot matrix pattern. One bag shaped like a tiny robot was the hands-down favorite of the front row. (By now he probably has his own Twitter account!)

There were throwback fishnet tights, double chain-link belts, bejeweled zippers and Velcro jacket closings. Sometimes the zippers and belts were adorned with tiny Chanel double-C charms, sometimes with the familiar Chanel camellia.

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Over-the-Top Jewelry

In the jewelry department (our favorite), Mr. Lagerfeld draped his models in masses of bracelets, pearls and chains…often with jumbo pendants shaped like cut-out flowers or cat’s heads (très Chanel). One pendant resembled a nametag credential on a nylon strap, the kind worn by VIPs in computer labs or at rock concerts.

Mr. Lagerfeld doubled down on the single earring trend that had been building steadily throughout Fashion Month. Whether shaped like a double C, a camellia blossom, or a 1980s boom box, the oversized earrings appeared just one at a time.

 Street-style caps, worn sideways, come in madras, solids, stripes and Lurex tweeds. They’re made to match or complement spring’s Chanel jackets.
L-Street-style cap with a single earring. R-The VIP credential pendant and camellia brooch. Photos courtesy of

It turns out Mr. Lagerfeld had his own reason for embracing the solo statement earring: It provided “balance” for his cheeky ball-cap-turned-sideways, the signature accessory of his spring collection.

This juxtaposition of Chanel’s street-style hat with a single earring is a look that’s sure to catch fire by next season, if not before. It epitomizes the innovative style that makes Chanel accessories by Karl Lagerfeld the fashion world’s most coveted collectibles.

To see the Chanel Spring-Summer 2017 Ready-to-Wear Runway Show, please click here. Don’t miss the video entitled “Accessories.”

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