Awesome Amber Jewelry: 4 Ways to Rock a Natural Style

Amber jewelry is always on-trend, primarily due to its stunning coloring and ability to blend in well with any style and for any occasion. What makes this precious stone truly timeless is its genesis—having been formed out of fossilized sap from trees that were growing millions of years ago. So, with a piece of amber jewelry around your wrist or on your neck, you’ll be wearing a tiny piece of Earth’s natural history everywhere you go!

We think amber is a perfect way to create a natural style statement this fall…and beyond. Here are four ways to really make an au naturel look work for you.

1. Amber earrings: a subtle touch

Amber Dragonfly pendant, Amber stud earrings, Amber drop earrings
Exotic Dragonfly Necklace, Triangle Drop Earrings and Large Oval Studs, all in Silver and Amber.

Subtle studs, simple hoops, and drop earrings are great options if you’re looking for everyday jewelry—classic go-to pieces that are practical as well as stylish. Incorporating amber earrings into your daily look couldn’t be easier. With a wide range of designs to choose from, you can achieve an effortlessly chic look by simply adding a subtle pop of color to your daily outfit.

Thanks to their natural origins, each amber stone is unique—so when it comes to collecting amber, you’ll find a variety of slightly different shades available. That’s great news for those who are looking to add a little individuality into each day.

2. Amber necklaces: make a statement

Cognac-Amber-Handmade-Necklace, Triangle Necklace in Silver and Amber
L to R: Handmade Necklace in Silver and Cognac Amber, Beech Leaf Necklace and Statement Triangle Necklace in Silver and Amber.

If there’s an elegant soirée coming up soon on your calendar, you’ll no doubt be getting excited about your outfit options. In your quest for special event success, don’t forget to factor in your accessories.

Looking to turn heads without donning a flamboyant hair piece or flashy, sequined dress? With your jewelry choices you can do just that—especially with rich, luxurious cognac colors. By pairing an amber necklace with a neutral shade dress, you can achieve a perfect style statement that is sure to be noticed.

3. Animal motifs: unleash your wild side

Animals section
Large Sea Turtle Necklace in Silver and Cognac Amber; Magnificent Leopard Head Bangle in Silver and Amber.

A natural style that pays homage to animals is the perfect way to incorporate amber into your fashion choices. Whether you’re after a subtle nod to your spirit animal or star sign, or you just love a certain species of animal, there’s an amber jewelry option out there for you.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be animals; a natural style can be achieved by wearing floral or foliage patterns with jewelry. For an added touch of authenticity, look for clothes that are produced in an eco-friendly manner, using sustainable materials, ethical business practices and non-toxic dyes that don’t harm the environment.

4. Mix up your colors: dare to be different

Amber dragonfly pendant and Cleopatra Bracelet
Exotic Dragonfly Necklace (Detail); Cleopatra Bracelet in Silver and Natural Amber.

As mentioned before, amber doesn’t just come in one color—it’s a fabulously versatile gemstone that’s available in many different hues. Almost any outfit can benefit from a burst with color, so an amber bracelet in three different shades, for instance, could be the ideal piece for your nature-focused look.

Of course, your personal style needs to reflect who you are and your creativity first and foremost. Tap into what you like and what inspires you and you’ll be well on your way to creating a natural style that works for you and looks great!

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