The Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender Celebrates 30th Anniversary

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The Majestic Argyle Pink Diamond Bracelet
The Majestic Argyle Pink Diamond Bracelet
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Natural pink diamonds are among the most sought-after and valuable diamonds on Earth, and most of the world’s pink diamonds come from a single source — Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, the most prestigious of all international diamond auctions. It will debut in Sydney on August 14-15 and then travel on to New York and Hong Kong, before closing in October 2014. Wouldn’t you love to attend?

By Invitation Only

The annual Argyle Tender showcases 50 to 60 of the rarest and most beautiful polished pink diamonds from the year’s production at the Argyle Diamond Mine. The Tender includes breathtaking selections of natural pink, red and, sometimes, blue diamonds; red diamonds are the rarest of them all. Only about 150 worldwide connoisseurs, collectors and prestigious jewelers are invited to attend private viewings of the Argyle Tender, where they place sealed bids on one or more diamonds up for auction.

Japan's First Lady, clearly a jewelry lover previewed the 2014 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender
Japan’s First Lady Previewing the 2014 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender

A V.I.P. Sneak Preview

Rio Tinto’s iconic Argyle Pink diamonds were a must-see for Japan’s First Lady Akie Abe when she made her inaugural visit to Western Australia two weeks ago. Mrs. Abe was the first to preview a “hero diamond” of the 2014 Argyle Tender collection, a 1.59-carat Emerald-Cut Fancy Intense Purplish Pink diamond, the Argyle Toki™. Named for the delicate pink underwings of a rare Japanese bird, the stone pays tribute to the importance of Japan as the premier export market for rare pink diamonds.

Collectors Take Note

Although pink diamonds tend to be collected by Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs), Argyle has created a Limited Edition selection of Argyle Pink diamond pendants to commemorate the Tender’s 30th anniversary; they are priced at a modest $20,000. Prices for the hero diamonds from the Argyle Tender can exceed $1 million per carat, which is why they are sometimes called “the most concentrated form of wealth on earth!”

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