Craving an Aquamarine Cocktail Ring? March Out and Buy One Today!

The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry. Her Aquamarine Ring from Asprey London is said to be 30 carats. GettyImages
The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry. Her Aquamarine ring from Asprey London is said to be 30 carats. GettyImages.

Ever since Meghan Markle flashed a brilliant aquamarine cocktail ring on the way to her wedding reception, the world has gone mad for the March birthstone. In fashion magazines, blogs and social media posts, millions have celebrated the Duchess of Sussex’s cool blue gem…and demand for cocktail rings has never been higher.

 Similar sized Aquamarine ring fron,$13,161.
Similar size Aquamarine ring from,$13,161.

Is the aquamarine cocktail ring a royal thing…or a passing fling? We are so not sure. But this we do know: Once you have tried one on it will haunt you with its dreamy, oceanic color. So go ahead, you deserve it…this ultimate summer self-purchase has us utterly dazzled.

Diana is said to have bought the ring for herself in 1996. Photo via AspreyLondon Instagram. This glass copy of the famous emerald cut Aquamarine Cocktail Ring was listed on Poshmark for $43.
Left: Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1996. Photo via Asprey London Instagram. Right: A glass copy of her famous ring was listed on Poshmark for $43.

Aquamarine Cocktail Ring Redux

On the red carpet. GettyImages
Blue stones on the red carpet. GettyImages.

First popularized in the Roaring ‘20s, the cocktail ring started out as a symbol of female independence. Prohibition-era flappers wore large gemstone rings, sometimes over their gloves, to flaunt authority while they sipped contraband cocktails at their local speakeasy.

Through the years, the cocktail ring has drifted in and out of fashion, but today it is firmly rooted on the “must-have” list for the jewelry obsessed. Meghan Markle’s sparkler was a gift from her husband, Prince Harry, who inherited it from his mother Diana, Princess of Wales. It is believed Diana bought the blue gem for herself in 1996, and considered it to be one of her favorite pieces.

Shopping for Aquamarines

A 1930s Era Aquamarine Cocktail Ring, 5 cts, $ 7,690 on candybohojewelry on etsy. $65.39.
Left: Simulated Aquamarine from candybohojewelry on etsy, $65.39. Right: 1930s-Era Aquamarine, 5 carats, $7,690, on

While few can afford an aquamarine of royal lineage, there are beautiful alternatives that won’t break the bank. Featured in this post are several stunning cocktail rings, from fine jewelry and fashion jewelry collections, at various price points.

Meghan/Diana’s stone was set in 18K yellow gold, which is somewhat unusual for aquamarines. The icy blue gemstone is most often seen in white gold or platinum; fortunately for us, many contemporary aquamarines are set in sterling silver.

An accessible Aquamarine at Macy's for $640
An accessible Aquamarine and Diamond Cocktail Ring at Macy’s for $640.

Look for fashionable aquamarine cocktail rings at your local fine jeweler, better department stores, and online at jewelry sites and vintage luxury sites. To read more about aquamarines, including how best to clean and care for them, please click here.


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