A Month of Love…A Day for Jewelry

Ruby and Diamond Necklace

February is the month of love … and jewelry! This year Valentine’s Day, February 14, falls on a Thursday – always a good date night. Let’s hope it will be the start of a long romantic weekend.

What to give and what to receive? Roses are traditional…and chocolates are tempting…but let’s face it, they’re here on V-Day and gone by Monday. What Obsessed by Jewelry girls really want, of course, is jewelry. So why not get ready now by dropping a few gentle hints.

If you’re lucky enough to have been born in February your birthstone is the beautiful amethyst gemstone, with its distinctive purple hue. Associated with tranquility and peace, amethysts offer a terrific alternative to traditional red and pink stones, birthstone or not.

But nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like rubies! In fact, rubies are perfect for just about any occasion. Think he can’t quite afford the real thing? The rich reds of garnets, treasured by European royals for centuries, are just as fitting on this special day.

A Jaron PInk Cupcake Ring in Sterling Silver
A Jaron Pink Cupcake Ring in Sterling Silver

If pink is your thing, your choices abound. Pink Gold, or Rose Gold, is really on trend right now. So are pink sapphires and natural Fancy Color Pink Diamonds, a favorite engagement ring choice among the celebrity set.

On Valentine’s Day our thoughts tend to turn from love to commitment, but don’t despair if it’s not quite go-time. Consider the right-hand promise ring, or a cocktail ring, and wear it proudly in the loving spirit in which it is offered. Or lighten things up a bit. We love this quirky Cupcake Ring…and we’re told by the designer it’s selling faster than…well……cupcakes!

Alex Woo Open Heart Pendant in Rose Gold
Alex Woo Open Heart Pendant in Rose Gold

At this time of year, nothing is more popular than heart-shaped jewelry…a perfect pair of heart-shaped diamond studs…an open heart of gold on a chain…a heart motif charm to add to your bracelet. If your guy is the plan-ahead type (lucky you), he might even personalize a piece with your name or a love note (very Victorian). If not…you can always take it to a good jeweler later to have it engraved.

Next week we’ll offer some last-minute Valentine’s Day jewelry suggestions for that special man in your life. In the meantime, send us your Valentine’s Day wish list…and tell us what you’re planning to give Mr. Right…or Right-Now.




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