‘90s-Style Fashions and Jewelry, à la Kate Moss

Photo of Kate Moss in the 1990s.
Kate Moss in the 1990s. Photo Courtesy of Look.co.uk

Remember slip dresses with Doc Martens? Moto jackets with choker necklaces? Oversized plaid shirts and ripped wide-legged jeans? All these and more ‘90s-style fashions and jewelry trends are back with a vengeance. This summer, designers have embarked on a full-on 1990s revival, including a new collection by ‘90s supermodel Kate Moss. Let’s take a look.

Kate Moss and Jennifer Anison Wearing Slip Dresses in the 1990s
Kate Moss and Jennifer Aniston Wearing Slip Dresses in the 1990s. Photo Courtesy of Express.co.uk

The Summer Slip Dress

Top ready-to-wear and couture designers have been serving up spaghetti strap dresses, the kind beloved by icons of the ‘90s from Moss to Madonna.

“Nightdress-style silk slips ran the spectrum from snow white to nude, via delicate pastels in the softest hues,” reported Vogue after the spring collections.

Lingerie accents, one of the biggest trends of the season, include textures, lace, silks, and vintage satin details.

Kate Moss, Calvin Klein and Christy Turlington
Kate Moss, Calvin Klein and Christy Turlington (Photo by Ke.Mazur/WireImage)

BaubleBar Choker
BaubleBar Choker. $42. Photo Courtesy of BaubleBar.com

The Must-Have Choker

Pair your summer slip dress with a choker necklace. This ‘90s staple can be feminine and edgy, with a rockstar vibe that’s easy (and economical) to pull off. Sometimes a simple black ribbon is all you need…but we suggest adding a sparkly charm or brooch for good measure.

Modern-day It-Girls Alesha Dixon, Kendall Jenner and Demi Lovato in Chokers
Modern-day It-Girls Alesha Dixon, Kendall Jenner and Demi Lovato in Chokers. Photo Courtesy of mirror.co.uk.

(Remember, chokers and collar necklaces are two different things: chokers sit high on the neck, while collars nestle down around the collar bone.)

Hoops: Bigger Is Better

Want more ‘90s-style jewelry? Hoop earrings have made a huge comeback, the perfect complement to your choker necklace. Any metal will do, but bigger is definitely better. If you’re wondering if over-sized hoops are just a spring fling, don’t; they were all the rage at the Resort 2017 collections.

Over-sized Hoop Earrings
Over-sized Hoop Earrings at Bloomingdales

Kate Moss Equipment x Collection
Photo Courtesy of Equipmentfr.com

The Kate Moss X Equipment Collection

In collaboration with the popular fashion brand Equipment, Kate Moss has channeled her favorite ‘90s styles for the modern woman. Designed by the icon herself, the Kate Moss X Equipment capsule collection is described by the supermodel as “a little 90s, a little bit rock n’ roll, and just a sprinkle of Bowie.”

Kate Moss X Equipment Collection
Kate Moss x Equipment Collection

Kate Moss X Equipment fashions for fall include wide-legged trousers, skinny ties, classic button-downs in archived prints, and, yes, a dark version of summer’s popular slip dress.

“Things I’d wear myself,” says Moss.

Wouldn’t you?


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