How to Pick Jewelry to Match Your Engagement Ring

June 18, 2024

How to Pick Jewelry to Match Your Engagement Ring 

And keep it all sparkling clean.

How to Match Your Engagement Ring to Your Wedding Band

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Traditionally, people match the metal of their engagement ring with the metal of their wedding band. 

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However, “more recent trends are taking a more modern approach,” says Jill Di Donato, the Associate Commerce Editorial Director for Brides. “Consider mixing white, yellow, and rose gold, and platinum for a metal melange that’s unexpected and quite exquisite.” 

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Metal isn’t the only consideration when deciding how to match your engagement ring with your jewelry, especially your wedding band. The shape of your wedding band and engagement band is something else to bear in mind. Some styles of engagement rings like those with prongs, pavé or channel-set stones might not fit flush with your wedding band. 

More unusual shaped rings, like those with a curve, won’t fit either. Of course designers have thought of everything, like the team behind the Jackie engagement ring from Kimai, a European-based lab grown diamond retailer, which is a bestseller for the line. This ring is designed to stack perfectly with the Delia or Lia curved wedding bands, both available in solid recycled 18 karat gold or pave. “The unusually-shaped stacking feature of these two rings in tandem provides for an exciting ‘finger-scape,’ for those with a more daring design aesthetic.” notes Di Donato. 

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How to Match Gemstones to Your Engagement Ring

Birthstone rings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces are elegant and emblematic pieces of jewelry that add color and a sprinkle of sentiment to your look. They’re set in a variety of metals, from silver to all colors of gold. When it comes to wearing gemstones with your engagement ring, no real rules apply. “Your engagement ring isn’t just another piece of jewelry,” notes Di Donato. “It’s the pièce de résistance. In other words, everything goes with your engagement ring.”

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