What’s the Best Way to Clean an Amethyst?

How to clean and amethyst ring

Amethyst is from the quartz family of minerals, which means it’s a relatively durable gemstone — scoring 7 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. Its beautiful purple color, ranging from light lilac to deep, intense royal purple, makes amethyst appealing for jewelry designers and wearers alike. To maintain the brilliance of amethyst, the February birthstone, it should be properly cleaned on a regular basis.

Makes Fresh Solution Every Time

The best way to clean an amethyst is to use Connoisseurs Dazzle Drops Advanced Jewelry Cleaner, the cleaner that makes fresh solution every time for the most effective cleaning.

Fill the cleansing container three quarters full with warm water and drop 10 drops of the Advanced cleansing solution in the water. Next, submerge your jewelry in the jar of jewelry cleaner for a few minutes. Remove the jewelry using the strainer and brush it gently using our specialized cleaning brush. Make sure you use the brush to clean under the stone and in between prongs. Rinse the jewelry with warm water and dry with a lint-cloth. Discard the used liquid.

As with all gemstones, care should be taken to protect amethyst from scratches and sharp blows.

Also try Connoisseurs Precious Jewelry Cleaner in the familiar red jar.

Fun Facts about Amethyst 

  • According to the American Gem Society, the ancient Greeks and Romans used amethyst to ward off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus (the god of wine). Legend also says the purple gemstone will keep the wearer clear headed and quick witted.
  • The modern birthstone list was formulated by an organization known as JA (Jewelers of America) in 1912. In addition to being the birthstone for February, amethyst is the ideal gift for a couple’s sixth wedding anniversary.