How Do I Clean a Tanzanite

tanzanite earrings and ring

Matching Tanzanite Earrings and Ring. Photo Courtesy of Bonhams Pinterest Page.

Tanzanite is a blue to violet to purple gemstone, a transparent variety of the mineral zoisite. It is mined commercially only in one area of the world: the Merelani Hills near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, which is where it gets its name.

Before we discuss how to clean a tanzanite, let’s look at its special characteristics.

Handle with Care

Tanzanite is a relatively hard gemstone, earning a score of 6.7 to 7 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. However, to keep the brilliance of his beautiful stone, care should be taken to keep it safe from scratches and sharp blows.

Tanzanite is often treated with low-level heat to eliminate brown color and produce its desired violet-blue hue. This is a widely accepted gemological practice, which will be disclosed at the point of sale. Just as you should guard against sharp blows, so too should you avoid exposing your tanzanite to extreme temperatures.

Cleaning Instructions

The best way to clean a tanzanite is with Connoisseurs Advanced Dazzle Drops Jewelry Cleaner.  With our Dazzle Drops Advanced jewelry cleaner you make fresh solution every time, so your tanzanite jewelry will sparkle like the day you got it. Using lukewarm water fill the rinsing container three quarters full.  Drop 10 drops of the Advanced Dazzle Drops formula into the water. Submerge your tanzanite jewelry using the dipping scoop.  Carefully brush the tanzanite to get between the prongs and in all the crevices around the stone. Rinse in warm water using the dipping scoop and dry with a lint-free cloth.

Two More Methods

Connoisseurs Precious and Delicate Jewelry Cleaner are also great for cleaning tanzanite.

Our Precious and Delicate Jewelry Cleaners, in the classic red jar, contain special polymers that help to reduce the appearance of tiny scratches in jewelry settings which will improve the shine of your jewelry over time.

Please note: Ultrasonic machines and steam cleaners are not recommended for tanzanite.

 Did You Know?

Tanzanite is a birthstone for December, along with zircon, turquoise, and blue topaz. Tanzanite is also the gemstone with which to celebrate a 24th anniversary.