Silver Polish Liquid
Silver Polish Liquid
Silver Polish Liquid

Silver Polish Liquid

Makes Silver Flatware & Serveware Shine

Congratulations…you’re entertaining again! Wondering how to clean and polish your tarnished silver flatware and serving ware? A sparkling table begins with Connoisseurs Silver Polish Liquid with exclusive Tarnish Control and quick-rinse formula. Our Silver Polish Liquid is specially formulated to easily remove and prevent tarnish buildup for up to one year. Look for the shining silver package with the push-top cap…from Connoisseurs.

  • Rinses quickly
  • Pleasantly scented
  • Push-top cap for easy dispensing
  • 7 FL OZ

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IngredientCAS #Function
Trisodium Hedta139-89-9Conditioner
Sodium Tallowate8052-48-0Cleaning Agents
Quaternium-18 Bentonite68953-58-2Thickener
Propylene Glycol57-55-6Solvent
Magnesium Aluminum Silicate12199-37-0Thickener
laureth-49002-92-0Cleaning Agents
Kaolin92704-41-1Polishing Agent
Geraniol106-24-1Fragrance Ingredient
fragrancenot availableFragrance
Distearyl Dithiodipropionate6729-96-0Anti-Tarnish Agent
Diatomaceous Earth61790-53-2Polishing Agent
Citronellyl Acetate150-84-5Fragrance Ingredient
Citronellol106-22-9Fragrance Ingredient
Cellulose Gum9004-32-4Thickener
Benzaldehyde100-52-7Fragrance Ingredient

.65 lbs