Connoisseurs Sonic Dazzle Stik™ and Dazzle Drops™ Offer a Faster, Easier, Better Way to Clean Jewelry

Revolutionary New Products and New Packaging at JCK Las Vegas

Woburn, MA, MAY 18, 2016 /PR Newswire/ - Connoisseurs Products Corp., the Global Leader in Jewelry Care, will introduce three revolutionary jewelry cleaning products -- and one newly packaged consumer favorite -- at the JCK jewelry show in Las Vegas. Look for Connoisseurs at Booth #B63053 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino from June 2 through June 6, 2016.

"After a limited introduction last winter, we’re delighted to roll out our groundbreaking Sonic Dazzle Stik and Dazzle Drops jewelry cleaners at JCK Las Vegas,” said Douglas Dorfman, President and CEO of Connoisseurs Products Corp. “These new products are changing the face of jewelry care, offering consumers a faster, easier, better way to clean jewelry at home.”

Dazzling beauty treatments for jewelry | Connoisseurs Sonic Dazzle Stik, Connoisseurs Dazzle Drops Advanced Jewelry Cleaner and Dazzle Drops Silver Jewelry Cleaner, and the Diamond Dazzle Stik

Connoisseurs Sonic Dazzle Stik: Just Like a Jeweler Cleaned It

The Sonic Dazzle Stik Power Cleansing Brush cleans jewelry at 5,000 oscillations per minute; it uses the same hand-held sonic technology that has become so popular in facial care. The Sonic Dazzle Stik comes packaged with Dazzle Drops Advanced Jewelry Cleansing Gel, which is perfect for gold, platinum, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, and fashion jewelry; and Dazzle Drops Silver Jewelry Cleansing Formula, which not only cleans but removes tarnish from silver jewelry.

Both non-toxic formulas are gentle on hands and nails.

“The Sonic Dazzle Stik achieves professional-level jewelry cleaning at home…just like a jeweler cleaned it…without the bulk and mess of those big systems that you hide under the bathroom vanity,” said Dorfman.

Dazzle Drops Advanced Jewelry Cleaner: No More Cleaning in Dirty Solution

Traditional dip-style jewelry cleaners can lose efficacy as soon as they are opened and continue to lose more each time they are used. Consumers must continually clean their jewelry in dirty solution.

“With new Dazzle Drops Advanced Jewelry Cleaner your jewelry will be cleaned with fresh cleaning solution every time,” said Dorfman. “After each cleaning, simply dispose of the non-toxic liquid. It’s easy to use and safe for the environment.”

Dazzle Drops Silver Jewelry Cleaner: The One That Does It All

Until now, traditional dips for cleaning silver jewelry may have removed tarnish, but they did not polish and prevent tarnish buildup.

“Dazzle Drops is the first and only silver jewelry cleaner that does it all – cleans, polishes and protects from tarnish buildup -- thanks to Connoisseurs’ exclusive Tarnish Control Formula.”

Dazzle Drops Products Features

Dazzle Drops Advanced Jewelry Cleaner and Dazzle Drops Silver Jewelry Cleaner come with an attractive acrylic Cleansing/Rinsing Container, a larger size, easy-grip Jewelry Cleaning Brush and a more ergonomic Dipping Scoop to lower jewelry into the Cleansing/Rinsing Container.

Both formulas are non-toxic and easy to use…and gentle on expensive manicures.

Diamond Dazzle Stik™: A Jewelry Cleaning Classic in a Bold, New Package

Diamond Dazzle Stik, the popular forerunner of the Connoisseurs Dazzle Collection, comes in a sleek new package in a palette of Connoisseurs Classic Red and Icy Blue.

Loved by millions for its “twist, brush and dazzle” ease of use, this portable jewelry cleaning wand -- now longer lasting -- fits perfectly in a purse or cosmetics bag, so it’s easy to keep your diamond rings sparkling.

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