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silver cleaning tips

Keep your silverware, brass, pewter, copper, stainless and other decorative metal accessories like new. Connoisseurs Silver and Metal Cleaning Products will make beauty and maintenance easy. Our expert guidelines will keep your metal objects
looking fresh and pristine.


Tip #1Bring attention to your table presentation.
Set aside sufficient time to properly decorate and set your table. An inviting table sets the mood for an enjoyable event. Connoisseurs Silver and Metal Polish instantly removes tarnish and polishes to a high luster, leaving you more time to think about
the menu and your guests.


Tip #2 –Shine in a Flash.
Clean your silverware to a flawless shine with Connoisseurs Silver Wipes
These 6" x 7" dry, disposable Wipes eliminate the time consuming mess associated with traditional silver cleaning pastes and creams.


Tip #3 –Use your Silverware Often, Worry Less.
Go ahead and use your sterling silver flatware every day, if you want. When it starts looking tarnished, wipe each piece with a Connoisseurs Silver Wipe before washing it or popping it into the dishwasher. This trick will leave your flatware brilliant for weeks to come.

The more you use your silver, the less it will tarnish.

Tip #4 – Airtight Preservation.
Air causes silver and metal oxidation. Airtight storage slows tarnish. Flatware cases are ideal as are felt bags for serving pieces. A plastic container works quite well.

Don't forget to polish and clean your flatware before storing.

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