Women in Jewelry: Meet Emily Kuvin, Designer and Entrepreneur

Fine Jewelry Designer and Entrepreneur Emily Kuvin
Fine Jewelry Designer and Entrepreneur Emily Kuvin. All Jewelry Photos by Camille Maren, Courtesy of emilykuvin.com.

This is the first in a series about successful entrepreneurial women who are designing, creating and marketing jewelry online and at independent retailers around the country. Learn how they got started, what inspires them, and some of the keys to their success. Read on!

Emily Kuvin is a Renaissance woman. She has worked as a journalist, an on-air reporter for Court TV, a practicing attorney, and in-house counsel at a major investment company. So how did she end up designing jewelry and running her own Fine Jewelry brand? We reached out to Emily at her Lyme, New Hampshire headquarters of Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design to share her story with our OBJ readers.

OBJ: You’ve had such an interesting career path, what drew you to Fine Jewelry design?

Emily Kuvin: I have always enjoyed making jewelry…I started designing back in high school. Although I am not formally trained, I am naturally interested in color, texture and design. My mother is an art historian and dealer, so there was always an emphasis on aesthetics in our home.

The Stellina Necklace in Strling Silver with Amethyst
Stellina Necklace in Sterling Silver with Amethyst and a Dusting of Diamonds

OBJ:  How did you find the time while you were pursuing journalism and law?

EK: At first, when my kids were small, I designed jewelry just for myself and my family. Then I started selling a little bit here and there, privately and at shows. When my children got older I decided to turn to jewelry full-time, first with a website, and eventually with representation in several New England boutiques. Jewelry is my passion, so I am lucky to work at what I love best.

Grand Stella in 14K Yellow Gold with Semiprecious Stones and Diamonds
Grand Stella Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold with Semiprecious Stones and Diamonds

OBJ: How would you describe the Emily Kuvin style?

EK: I like to call it “elegance with an edge,” 14K Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver pieces with precious and semiprecious stones, pearls and diamonds. Women can wear our designs with jeans or with nighttime looks. They’re varied and accessible… the kind of Fine Jewelry a woman can appreciate as a gift, or buy for herself to reward a job well done.

Stella and Piccolo Grande Necklaces in Rose Gold and Morganite
Stella and Piccolo Grande Necklaces in Rose Gold and Morganite

OBJ: Who are your best customers?

EK: Women of all ages! Younger women like my 19-year-old daughter and her friends seem to gravitate to our Stellina Collection. More mature women, as exemplified by my mother, love our Stella designs. Everyone seems to appreciate the versatility of our pendant necklaces, which you can wear five different ways. And of course we get a large number of commissions for wedding and bridal party jewelry, as well as bespoke designs.

Stellina necklace and earrings in Sterling Silver with Amethyst
Stellina Necklace and Earrings in Sterling Silver with Amethyst

OBJ: Can you tell us about a couple of your favorite pieces?

EK: I love the Sterling Silver Stellina star-shaped necklace with Amethyst; it’s an everyday look but the combination of the semiprecious stone with diamonds and silver is distinctive. And I am currently experimenting with Rose Gold and Morganite; I love creating unusual color combinations with semiprecious stones and different color metals. We’re also doing some fabulous Druzy necklaces with pearls, but not like anyone else does them. I call them “pearls with attitude.”

Emily Kuvin Necklaces
Stellina Necklace with Diamonds; Stella Necklace with Turquoise and Diamonds

OBJ: What inspires your designs?

EK: Travel, of course, and the colors and textures found in nature…in botanicals. I am always on the lookout for the unusual…including new ways of wearing jewelry.

OBJ: What other jewelry designers do you admire?

EK: I’m a big fan of Marco Bicego’s designs, and Pomelatto: clean lines, colorful, fun but elegant at the same time. I also love Marla Aaron’s bejeweled carabiner…it’s a bold new shape for Fine Jewelry.

OBJ: What advice would you have for women looking to break into jewelry design?

EK: Know your strengths and weaknesses. My strength is my eye and design and my vision for color, texture, originality and wearability. Be open to collaborating with people who complement your strengths with their own skills and who can provide support and services. Entrepreneurs by necessity must be jacks of all trades, but I’ve learned not to spin my wheels when I’m out of my depth on something tangential to designing jewelry. Know when to network, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and remember that everything will take MUCH longer and be MUCH harder than you anticipate. Stay the course and be true to your goals.

OBJ: What’s next at Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design?

EK: My immediate goal is to expand our collections into more boutiques and retail outlets beyond the New England area. I am also updating our popular Stella Collection, by adding some new celestial designs.

OBJ: So, can we expect to see the moon join your Stella stars?

EK: No, that’s too predictable. We’ll shake things up a bit…expect the unexpected!

To learn more about Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design, including a list of boutiques carrying her Fine Jewelry, please visit emilykuvin.com


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