What’s Trending? Buy a Piece of Paisley Jewelry for Fall

Paisley print
Photo Courtesy of Accessories Magazine

Paisley prints have been around since the Mughal dynasties, but this season they look brand new—again. The Pre-Fall and Fall 2015 collections were resplendent in whirling dervish colors and swirling patterns. Blame it on the continuing fascination with the 1970s, when Yves Saint Laurent first brought paisleys out of Grandma’s closet and onto the runway.

Today, savvy stylists and fashionistas are raiding their grandmothers’ wardrobes for their paisley shawls, jackets, skirts and scarves. And they’re shopping for the newest paisley print fashions, available in the stores this month. But if you don’t want to invest too heavily in the paisley fabric trend (or if, like me, you’re not really a print person), consider buying a piece or two of paisley jewelry. It’s everywhere!

Color Me Paisley

Paisley Jacket
Yves Saint Laurent 1970s
Rive Gauche Paisley Jacket

Color authority Pantone says fall’s color palette is dominated by neutrals with earthy names like Stormy Weather, Dried Herb and Dessert Sage. Look for paisley prints in these subtle backgrounds, with pops of orange, yellow, blue and Marsala – Pantone’s Color of the Year.

You’ll find a wide array of exotic paisley jewelry, from colorful crystal teardrops to intricate cut-outs in silver or gold. From the high-end designers to department store brands, paisley is clearly the go-to look for fall.

Anything Goes

Can you mix paisleys? The answer is yes…anything goes. Don’t be afraid of wearing paisley motif jewelry with paisley prints; it doesn’t translate to matchy-matchy. The Bohemian look gets better and better as you layer on fabrics and accessories.

paisley in fashion
Photo Courtesy of Accessories Magazine

What if your tastes run more to solid colors? Perhaps you favor black, gray and camel for fall? Just tie a paisley scarf, ‘70s-style, around the handle of your handbag, pop on a pair of curvy crystal earrings and you’ll be on-trend but not over-the-top.

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