What’s New in Wedding Bands and Eternity Rings?

Eva Longoria Wearing Her Stacking Wedding Bands
Eva Longoria Wearing Her Stacking Wedding Bands. Photo Courtesy of PopSugar.com


Stacked Wedding Rings

It stands to reason that the popular layered jewelry look would find its way into the wedding category. When we take a look at what’s new in wedding bands, TheKnot.com reports that stacked wedding rings are trending among modern brides…and some grooms as well.

More and more couples are selecting multiple wedding bands instead of engagement rings, while some are ordering more than one wedding ring just to change things up.

“In many cases, your local jeweler will suggest fusing your stacking rings to create a permanent stacked look, but you can opt to forego this option to maintain the versatile quality of the stacked look,” said The Knot.

Jose Baston and Eva Longoria Wedding Bands
Jose Baston and Eva Longoria Wedding Bands. Photo Courtesy of DailyMail.co.uk

Celebrity’s Choice

Eva Longoria Wedding Bands
Eva Longoria Wedding Bands. Photo Courtesy of PopSugar.com

As with all new trends, Hollywood celebrities are fueling the news. Recently, Glamour.com wrote: “two weeks after saying ‘I do’ to José Antonio Bastón, Eva Longoria was snapped saying ‘I don’t’ to her ruby-and-diamond engagement ring.”

Was the Telenovela star divorcing her engagement sparkler? Not likely. According to Glamour, Longoria was going for variety by wearing two wedding bands on her ring finger–a thick plain metal band and a thin diamond band she often pairs with her engagement ring.

Tiffany Engagement Ring and Matching Wedding Band
Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring and Matching Wedding Band

Matchy-Matchy…or Not So Much?

Traditionally, brides-to-be have gravitated toward wedding bands that complement their engagement ring styles. But today, the mismatched wedding band look is taking off.

Tri-Color Wedding Ring
Tri-Color Wedding Ring by Royal Duet

For example, you might choose a classic platinum engagement ring and add a mixed-metal wedding band for an eclectic combo. Jewelers report more and more rose gold bands are being paired with white gold or platinum engagement rings.

Platinum Wedding Ring and Rose Gold Eternity Band
Platinum Wedding Ring and Rose Gold Eternity Band. Courtesy of Ashley Stephens Wedding Love Pinterest

His-and-Hers Vs. Individually Yours

Just because you’re tying the knot doesn’t mean you’re tied down to each other’s style. Do not feel pressured to go the matched set route, says The Knot.

You and your partner can achieve a subtle design connection, however, by choosing rings in the same width or the same color metal. In today’s world, the tried-and-true wedding style rules no longer apply.

Xpandable Collection Eternity Rings
Picchiotti Xpandable Collection Eternity Rings

Xpandable Eternity Rings

Are you considering a diamond or gemstone eternity ring? No one knows this style better than Picchiotti, the preeminent name in fine Italian jewelry. On the eve of its 50th anniversary, the company has just introduced the Xpandable™ Collection — a capsule collection of expandable eternity rings, fashion rings and bracelets — at The Couture (Jewelry ) Show in Las Vegas.

“It really is revolutionary,” said Giuseppe Picchiotti, founder and president of the family-owned company based in Valenza, Italy.

“After years of observing many of my best customers struggle to fit diamond rings over their knuckles, we developed an elegant solution that is invisible to the eye. We consider the Xpandable™ Collection a proprietary triumph of high jewelry design and technology,” said Mr. Picchiotti.

Congratulations to all you June brides and grooms!

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