Triangle Jewelry Is Always On-Trend (Surprise: It’s Our Most Popular Post Ever!)

Did you know there are three sides to every story…including Google’s? A recent look at Google Analytics shows that our “Triangle Jewelry” post from April 8, 2014 still gets more visits than any other article we’ve published in the past six years. So I thought it was high time to take a deeper dive to find out more about the meaning behind triangle jewelry…and why so many folks are obsessed with it.

The Backstory

Monique Pean Ebony Necklace, Designer Rachel Perez Bitan in some of her triangle jewelry designs, Trilliant Engagement Ring
Monique Pean Ebony Necklace; Designer Rachel Perez Bitan in her Triangle Rings. Photo Courtesy of; Trilliant Engagement Ring @grewando on Instagram.

In our original article I credited the rise in triangular jewelry to designers and stylists who were looking for an edge (or three) for their clients on the red carpet. Bold geometric jewelry was gaining traction not seen since the ‘80s and ‘90s, and designers Irene Neuwirth, Monica Rich Kosann, and Monique Pean were fueling the triangle trend (they still are).

But the reasons for triangle jewelry’s popularity go much deeper than fashion.

Sterling Silver and Gold Trinity Pendant; JanKuo Jewelry Multicolor CZ Star of David Pendant; Eye of Horus Pendant
Sterling Silver and Gold Trinity Pendant; JanKuo Jewelry Multicolor CZ Star of David Pendant; Eye of Horus Pendant. All at

A Universal Symbol

The triangle has been an enduring jewelry motif for thousands of years, and the secret of its success is rooted in the many different reasons people are drawn to it.

An important symbol of unity in both the Christian and Jewish faiths, the triangle figures prominently in religious jewelry and medals. The triangle is also a factor in the world of the occult, as in amulets and talismans which are so popular today. In ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus was a symbol of protection and good health. The Eye of Providence inside a pyramid, as etched on the U.S. dollar bill, is a symbol of Freemasonry.

Triangle Jewelry for Men and Women

@glamouruk on Instagram, LaFemmeboheme on Instagram, Affordable diamond triangle earrings, Trillion Tanzanite Pendant By Angara
Kylie Jenner on the Cover of Glamour UK in XIV Karats Ruby and 18K White Gold Triangle Earrings. Photo@glamouruk on Instagram; Trillion Tanzanite Pendant by Angara; @LaFemmeboheme Ring on Instagram: Diamond Triangle Earrings at

The triangle is unisex…and it can be worn different ways by men and women. A triangle pointed upwards represents male energy, and the masculine elements of fire and air. The point-down triangle celebrates female energy, and the feminine elements of water and earth. The triangle is also a symbol in the LBGTQ community, not only used in jewelry, but as a popular tattoo motif as well.

3 New Triangle Jewelry Designs You’ll Love

CASE Awards_peoples choice winning Trillion Citrine Pendant. Perez Bitan Rings at, Pendant from The Julez Bryant Collection
Trillion Citrine Pendant, Jewelers of America Winner. Photo Courtesy of; Rachel Perez Bitan Rings at; Pendant from The Julez Bryant Collection. Photo Courtesy of Provident Jewelry, Naples, FL.

LA-based Rachel Perez Bitan has a master’s in architecture, which may help explain the three-dimensional triangles in her popular jewelry line. See her designs in sterling silver and 18K gold, starting at $100, at

Bernie Benavidez of Master Jewelers, Inc. in Rochester, MN, won the People’s Choice CASE Award from Jewelers of America for this 14K gold pendant with a trillion (triangle-shaped) Madeira citrine.

California brand Julez Bryant is red-hot. According to National Jeweler magazine, “Trillions make classic side stones but are even better as standalone stones in rings, earrings and pendants.” Bryant’s 14K rose gold triangle pendant with a trillion diamond is available at Provident Jewelry in Naples, FL, and at

Want to learn more about triangle jewelry? Read a fascinating interpretation of the triangle’s symbolism from here

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Source: National Jeweler


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