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Reversible Multicolor Swinging Stone Earrings by Marie Mas.
Reversible Multicolor Swinging Stone Earrings by Marie Mas. Photo Courtesy of

Rainbow hair. Rainbow fashions. Rainbow food. Rainbow light filters on Instagram. If the world suddenly seems more colorful to you, you’re not alone. The rainbow effect is everywhere, and that goes for the world of jewelry, too.

We’ve rounded up a few special rainbow gemstone jewelry pieces to inspire you to adapt this fashionable trend. It’s the perfect way to color-up the remaining days of the summer season…and to add some dazzle to your holidays as well.

Designers Love ROYGBIV

At the Couture jewelry show in Las Vegas this past spring, designers were embracing color in new ways – often using many colors of the rainbow in a single piece. A case in point is Paris-based Marie Mas, whose multi-hued Swinging Stones change color ways as they move with the wearer’s body.

Marie Mas Swinging Stones
Marie Mas Swinging Earrings. Photo Courtesy of

Mas is way ahead of the jewelry curve, combining two up-and-coming trends: rainbow gemstones and kinetic (moving) styles. To see her Swinging Stones Collection in action, please click here. Available on from $2,200 to $30,800.


Claudia Oddi Rainbow Sunray Earrings.
Claudia Oddi Rainbow Sunray Earrings. Photo Courtesy of

Also fabulous are Claudia Oddi’s Rainbow Sunray Earrings, which combine architectural structure with a vibrant array of colored stones. Rendered in 18K White Gold, they’re made in Italy. Available for $2,045 on

Ilana Ariel Rose Gold Rainbow Ring
Ilana Ariel Rose Gold Long Bar Ring. Photo Courtesy of

Put a Rainbow On It

Ilana Ariel’s Multicolored Mini Cap Long Bar Ring in 14K White or Rose Gold features a rainbow of sapphires (gemstones may vary in her designs). At $1,300, this contemporary piece deserves serious consideration for your holiday wish list. Available at, or at the retailers featured on her website.

NYC II 3.36 ctw Exotic Rainbow Multi-Gemstone Ring
NYC II 3.36 ctw Exotic Rainbow Multi-Gemstone Ring. Photo Courtesy of

For maximum impact at a down-to-earth price, we adore this ring on Polyvore. The NYC II 3.36-ctw Exotic Rainbow Multi-Gemstone Ring is currently sold out, attesting to the popularity of the rainbow trend. But at only $91, it’s well worth waiting for; you can sign up to be notified when it’s restocked at

Do You Like the Rainbow Gemstone Jewelry Trend?

If you’re a jewelry minimalist, or you tend to stick to classic pieces, rainbow-colored jewelry may be an acquired taste. Consider, if you will, its go-with-everything ability…and remember that a little bit goes a long way to impart vibrant color to a solid-colored outfit.

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  1. AC Silver

    I adore the retro look to so many of these pieces, and I have to say I’m tempted. The amount of different colours you can get in some stones just begs for the creation of a rainbow vintage sapphire ring. I’ll just wait for mine, haha.

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