Trend Report: Falling for Feminine Floral Jewelry

Pastel flower power on the Fall 2016 runways. Photo credit - AccessoriesMagazine
Pastel flower power on the Fall 2016 runways. Photo credit – AccessoriesMagazine

The flower is one of the oldest motifs in jewelry, and lately it has been enjoying fresh, new life. Thanks to a field of floral prints in the Fall 2016 ready-to-wear and couture collections, feminine floral jewelry is trending for fall…and beyond.

Harper’s Bazaar reports that the floral fashion trend transcends typical autumnal colors to embrace lighter, more feminine shades. Let’s take a look at how some top jewelry designers are putting their petal to the metal this shopping season.


A model wears La Nature de Chaumet necklace.
Photo courtesy of

The new La Nature de Chaumet collection from this esteemed Parisian jewelry house showcases wheat, oak, the laurel plant and the lily flower. Gemstone foliage and blossoms weave their way through necklaces, bracelets, time pieces and tiaras.

La Nature de Chaumet lily earrings.
La Nature de Chaumet Lily Earrings

According to, the lily is the flower of innocence and emblem of the kings of France. It celebrates the different facets of feminine beauty, from translucent purity to fiery passion.

Shown: Lily Earrings from La Nature de Chaumet 2016 High Jewellery Collection.


Reminiscent of garden windows, the Secret Garden necklace and bracelet by Gumuchian

Owned and operated by Anita Gumuchian and daughters Myriam and Patricia, Gumuchian Jewelry abides by the mantra “Designed by women for women.” Their new Secret Garden Collection explores “a place where magical and transformative things take place…carbon becomes a diamond, metal becomes art and you shine as your most radiant self.”

Gumuchian Secret Garden Necklace.
Gumuchian Secret Garden Necklace

Shown: Reminiscent of  garden windows and trellises, Gumuchian’s convertible Secret Garden necklace is created in 18k rose gold with diamonds and vibrant red rubies.


stefere pink hibiscus ring
Stefere Pink Hibiscus Ring in 18K pink gold, white diamonds, pink tourmaline, pink sapphires

Paris-based Stéfère Jewelry enjoys a celebrity fan base that includes Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz and Sir Elton John. The 11-year-old company’s stunning gemstone pieces range from familiar motifs, such as flowers and animals, to edgy designs featuring skulls and stars.

Stéfère’s single-bloom cocktail rings are breathtaking reminders of the bounty of nature. Their multi-finger rings entwine through all four fingers, a modern take on a classic floral design.

A fall fashion editorial from Harper's Bazaar.
A fall fashion editorial from Harper’s Bazaar

Wild Card: Joseph Free for Rodarte

Fall 2016 Rodarte earrings
Fall 2016 Rodarte Earrings by Joseph Free. Photo courtesy of

Los Angeles florist Joseph Free took the floral trend literally in his “living jewelry” collection for the Fall 2016 Rodarte runway show. Free wove dozens of fresh micro-orchids into jewelry designed by Rodarte, which the runway models wore in their hair, on their ears, and on their arms.

Get the Fall Floral Look for Less with this Trellis Bloom Brooch, $148 at
Get the Fall Floral Look for Less with this Trellis Bloom Brooch, $148 at

According to, Free’s pièce de résistance was a golden headpiece with real orchids dotted throughout.

“It needs to be like jewelry so it doesn’t come off as another flower crown or another flower accessory, so my inspiration was to get more gold things and have pieces dangle so there’s a movement to it,” Free told Vogue.

Tell us about your favorite piece of floral jewelry…and how you plan to rock this trend for Fall 2016.


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