The Tennis Bracelet: A Jewelry Wardrobe Classic

US Open Stadium photo from Wikipedia
Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

In honor of the U.S. Open, now underway in Queens, N.Y., OBJ salutes the Tennis Bracelet. This simple diamond eternity-style bracelet can be traced back to the Roaring ’20s, but it wasn’t always called by its now-familiar name, Tennis Bracelet. Read on for the background story.

Diamond tennis bracelet image courtesy of Coronet Diamonds
Chris Evert and the Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Photo Courtesy of Coronet Diamonds

The term Tennis Bracelet is thought to have been coined shortly after the 1978 U.S. Open. It was the year the Open switched venues, moving from Forest Hills to Flushing Meadows in Queens. A young Chris Evert requested a break in the action so she could search for a bracelet which had flown off her wrist mid-swing. The press seized upon the story of this unprecedented interruption of play, and ever since, the line-style diamond bracelet Evert was wearing has come to be known as the Tennis Bracelet.

Rose Gold and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Rose Gold and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Photo courtesy of

Today, the Tennis Bracelet is a jewelry wardrobe classic, whether worn singly with a tailored watch, or collected in multiples and stacked together. Tennis Bracelets are most popular in diamonds, of course, but they also come in colored gemstones, alternating diamonds and gemstones, crystals, or Cubic Zirconia.

The term Tennis Necklace is sometimes used to describe a continuous diamond or gemstone necklace, which is also called a rivière.

Ross Simons Tennis Bracelet
Ross-Simons Tennis Bracelet

If you don’t already own a Tennis Bracelet, consider buying one or more for yourself this season; or add one to your holiday wish list. We’re sure the Tennis Bracelet will become one of your go-to pieces, as it has for millions of fashionable women since it first took center court nearly three decades ago.

Gold and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Gold and Diamond Tennis Bracelet Available at Walmart

Serena Williams at the 2014 US Open
Serena Williams 
Photo @serenawilliams

Watch Serena Williams at the 2015 U.S. Open as she goes for the Grand Slam, an achievement reached by only six players in tennis history.  Click here for this exciting story from The New York Times.

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