Swarovski Smart Jewelry Shines at Consumer Electronics Show

Swarovski shine pendant
Swarovski Shine Pendant

Smart jewelry, or jewelry that embraces technology, has to be pretty to catch the attention of OBJ readers. Back in July, when we brought you the long-awaited debut of Tory Burch’s Fit Bit bracelet and pendant accessories, the activity-tracker landscape suddenly changed. Now everybody’s favorite crystal jewelry maker, Swarovski, has developed a line of smart jewelry that is chic, functional – and sparkling.

Swarovksi Slake  Bracelet in Purple
Swarovski classic Slake Bracelet reinterpreted for Misfit activity-tracking technology.
Many Swarovski Shine designs feature the brand’s signature crystal pavé.

As more and more consumer electronics companies design “wearables” for women of style, they are turning to partners in the jewelry arena. At the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which winds up today, Swarovski had a hit on its hands, thanks to its collaboration with California-based technology company Misfit. The unlikely pair teamed up to create a line of smart jewelry that monitors the wearer’s activity—beautifully!

The Swarovski Shine collection’s secret is a faceted solar-powered crystal stone embedded with Misfit’s activity-tracking technology. With a simple tap of your bracelet or pendant, the device can measure your steps, distance covered, the calories you burn — even your sleep quality. It also synchs up with a mobile application on your smartphone, all without a wire in sight.

Swarovski Black Slake Bracelet
Swarovski Slake Bracelet in Black

The Shine line features nine jewelry pieces and accessories which are sold as sets and individually (sets from $169). The collection will be available in select Swarovski boutiques in the U.S., China, and Hong Kong in late March, but you can pre-order now on Misfit.com

Shine on!

Photos Courtesy of MisFit.com


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