Precious Topaz…A Dazzling Birthstone for November

If you were born in November, you are blessed with two birthstones: citrine and topaz. Both birthstones are beautiful, but for this post we’ll concentrate on topaz (to read more about citrine, please click here).

Caption-Precious and Imperial Topaz from Brazil.
Topaz Crystals. Photo Courtesy of

Topaz comes in a variety of colors, from the popular blues to the rarest orange-reds. Many people are confused about which topaz stones are the birthstones for November, and which are for December. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), November-born folks should celebrate with warm-colored or precious topaz, while December birthday babies can claim blue topaz as their own.

Fun Facts About Topaz

  • Imperial TopazThe ancient Greeks believed topaz could ward off magic spells and dispel anger. For centuries, people in India have believed that wearing topaz above the heart ensures long life, beauty and intelligence.
  • Topaz is pleochroic, meaning it can show different colors in different crystal directions.
  • Imperial topaz is medium reddish orange to orange-red and is considered the most expensive color of topaz. The name originated in Russia in the 19th-century, when the Ural Mountains were the leading source of this color stone. Named to honor the Russian czar, imperial topaz was restricted to the royal family.
  • In addition to being the most sought-after color of topaz, imperial topaz is the official commemorative gift for the 23rd

3 Estate Topaz Pieces We Love

Antique Imperial Topaz and Diamond Maltese Cross Brooch


This exquisite Maltese Cross features a fine imperial topaz highlighted by old cut diamonds. Mounted in silver and gold, it was designed circa 1880. $12,000 on

Precious Topaz, Diamond and Platinum Ring


The one-of-a-kind platinum and 18K yellow gold ring by Richard Krementz centers on an Emerald-cut topaz weighing 12.25 carats. Trillion-shaped diamonds flank the sides with a total weight of 1.48 carats. $55,000 on

Imperial Topaz and Gold Pendant


Designed by Carolyn Tyler, the “Susie” pendant in 22K yellow gold features an outstanding, 45.90-carat Cushion-cut imperial topaz with hand granulation details framing the stone. Stamped with the artist’s hallmark, it is $32,000 on

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How to care for topaz jewelry




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