Penélope Cruz Stuns at The Emmys in Lab-Created Diamonds

Penelope Cruz at the 70th Annual Emmy Awards, September 17, 2018, in Los Angeles
Penelope Cruz at the 70th Annual Emmy Awards, September 17, 2018, in Los Angeles

In case you missed the pre-show coverage on Monday, know this: The 2018 Emmys Red Carpet didn’t really start to heat up until Penélope Cruz arrived. Unfortunately, the movie star-turned-TV actor didn’t get the nod for her portrayal of Donatella Versace in The Assassination of Gianni Versace, but she clearly won the hearts of the crowd (including this fan) in her exquisite Chanel Haute Couture gown. Cruz also surprised veteran gem-watchers when it was revealed that her spectacular diamonds were actually Lab-Created Diamonds from the Penélope Cruz Collection for Atelier Swarovski Fine Jewelry.

A Brilliant Partnership

Penelope Cruz and Husband Javier Bardem at the 71st Annual Cannes Film Festival.
Penelope Cruz and her husband, the actor Javier Bardem, at the 71st Annual Cannes Film Festival last May. She’s wearing Atelier Swarovski “Lola” Earrings of her own design featuring lab-created rubies in 18K white gold.

Swarovski made a wise decision when it tapped the 44-year-old Cruz to lend her glamorous style and design skills to a collection of responsibly sourced jewelry. She previewed a few of the line’s lab-grown rubies on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Three gorgeous diamond pieces debuted at the Emmys: a necklace, studs, and a ring featuring Swarovski Created Diamonds set in 18K FairTrade White Gold.

“Before speaking to Nadja [Swarovski] I didn’t realise that it was possible to create stones in a lab,” Cruz told Vogue U.K.. “When I saw how much she cares about not creating a negative impact on the environment, it was very inspiring.”

Yes, Lab-Created Diamonds Are Real Diamonds

Penelope Cruz wore thi Lab-Created Diamond Angel Necklace from her collection, without its sapphire pendant, at the 70th Annual Emmy Awards. Photo Courtesy of, Luna Ring in 18K White Gold and Lab-Created Diamonds from the Cruz collection for Atelier Swarovski. Photo Courtesy of swarovskicom, Luna Drop Earrings in 18K White Gold. From the Cruze Collection for Atelier Swarovski
L to R: Penelope Cruz wore her collection’s Swarovski-Created Diamond “Angel” Necklace without its pendant to the Emmys. She attached the lab-grown sapphire for the after-party. Swarovski “Luna” Ring in 18K White Gold and “Luna” Drop Earrings. Photos Courtesy of

According to, “Lab-Created Diamonds are 100% diamonds. The only difference is that the origin is a laboratory and not the earth. Swarovski Created Diamonds are identical to mined diamonds possessing the same chemical composition, hardness, brilliance and fire – just as a greenhouse-grown orchid is identical to one found in nature.”

As more and more jewelry designers and their customers look to embrace “conscious luxury,” man-made diamonds are gaining acceptance—especially among Millennial and Gen Z buyers of engagement rings. With the onset of official engagement season (November through Valentine’s Day), look to OBJ to bring you more news of this exciting trend next month.

You Be the Judge

A photo featuring Claire Foy, Allison Janney, Sara Paulson, and Penelope Cruz
L to R: Claire Foy, Allison Janney, Sarah Paulson, and Penelope Cruz at the 2018 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Photo @alemdergisi on Instagram

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