OBJ Introduces OBJects of Desire: Dazzling “Jewelry for the Home”

Silver, pewter and brass combine for a beautiful holiday table
Silver, pewter and brass combine for a beautiful holiday table.
Photo Courtesy of WeddingChicks.com

We’re delighted to introduce a new feature at Obsessed by Jewelry. OBJects of Desire is an occasional roundup of designer accessories, personal treasures and inspired gift items that we call “jewelry for the home.” It’s all about the shiny (and sometimes matte) collectibles and home décor pieces that transform our living and dining rooms into unique and sparkling spaces. 

From time to time, OBJects of Desire will bring you holiday gift-giving suggestions, engagement and wedding gift ideas, and precious indulgences just for you. Plus, we’ll explore the latest trends in home design, as well as tips for keeping your best pieces looking their dazzling best.

The Return of the Formal Dining Room

According to the experts at New York Now, the premier trade show for the tabletop industry, formal dining rooms are making a comeback. After a decade or more of eating at the great room kitchen island, American families, including Gen Xers and Millennials, are looking for ways to reconnect around the dining room table.

This phenomenon has led to renewed interest in silverware, china, serve ware and barware — all the traditional trappings of a gracious home, mixed and displayed in new ways to reflect today’s young tastemakers.

Everything Old Is New Again

Brass Dish
Looking for an engagement or wedding gift? Decorative pieces like “this super chic brass dish are the kinds of gifts your friends won’t think to register for but are going to use non-stop,” says Elle Décor. Lue extra-large brass dish,
$240, at shop.goop.com.

Until recently, Millennials were thought to reject their parents’ and grandparents’ silver and china as retrograde and irrelevant to their lives. But new studies show that Millennials crave authenticity, quality craftsmanship, and recycled or re-purposed pieces with an interesting backstory.

One antiques dealer we know in Atlanta told us that she can’t keep vintage silver pieces in stock for long. “They fly out of the store,” she said. “Millennials are buying up ‘the good stuff,’ but giving it a twist…like displaying a silver coffee service on a leather pouf instead of in a traditional china cabinet.”

Trends We Love

Mixed Metals. Inspired by the current trend in jewelry, mixed metals are having a moment at home as well. Traditional metals like silver, gold and brass take on new luster when paired with copper and rose gold. Textured metals, too, are becoming design statements in multiple home décor categories

This buffet tablescape is a hi-lo mix of metals, organic elements and found objects
This eclectic buffet tablescape features traditional metals, organic elements and found objects. Photo courtesy of Kristin Banta Events via ElleDecor.com

High-Low Materials. Also in the mix are metals combined with wood, shell or bamboo…designs inspired by nature that bring an organic vibe to your table. Found objects including vintage signs, tools and baskets are suddenly in demand, recently popularized by Chip and Joanna Gaines, the co-stars of HGTV’s hit show “Fixer Upper.”

Vintage monogrammed silver and gold-rimmed china
Vintage monogrammed silver works with gold-rimmed china. Photo Courtesy of SarahDrakeDesign.com

Monogram Style. When thinking about “jewelry for the home,” consider monogramming your trays and flatware as you would a gold locket or pinky ring. Not only does a monogram add a personal touch, it lends an air of “instant heirloom” to your dining or living room.

Hint: If your fabulous flea market find already has a monogram (clearly not yours), snap it up anyway. Just say it belonged to your Great Aunt Mabel!



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