New Fabergé Imperial Egg is First in Nearly 100 Years

Fabergé is reigniting its tradition of creating one-of-a-kind objets d’art known as “Imperial Eggs.” The House of Fabergé has released a new Fabergé Imperial Egg that marks the first such design since the early 1900s. The new treasure has been named “The Pearl Egg.”

To celebrate the upcoming centennial of the last Imperial Eggs produced, Fabergé has collaborated with the Al-Fardan family, the world’s most renowned pearl collectors. The Fabergé Pearl Egg is the first egg in Fabergé’s “Imperial Class” since 1917. It took 20 artisans to design and produce the new collectible.

Faberge's new Imperial Egg, named The Pearl Egg

The Pearl Egg

According to Fabergé, the design celebrates the creation of a pearl within an oyster. The exquisite mother-of-pearl exterior opens to unveil an extraordinary 12.17-carat gray pearl from the Arabian Gulf. An innovative design allows the base to rotate, resulting in all six sections of the egg opening simultaneously to reveal the large pearl within.

The white and yellow gold egg is set with 139 white pearls, 3,305 diamonds and other precious gemstones, carved rock crystal, and mother-of-pearl. The base is made with white pearls, diamonds, and mother-of-pearl in a scallop motif.

Imperial Mysteries

The Constellation Egg was the last Fabergé Imperial Easter Egg to be created. It was not finished and presented to Tsar Nicholas’s wife, as was the custom, because of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Many experts believe it still exists in its unfinished form today, but its whereabouts are unknown.

An original Fabergé Imperial Egg was purchased for $14,000 last year by an American scrap metal dealer who came close to melting it down before discovering its value. This discovery is truly remarkable as only 50 Fabergé Imperial Eggs are known to have been created and delivered in total. The whereabouts of only 43 are known today, which means seven are still missing. The mystery surrounding them adds to the romance of the Fabergé story.

Founded in Russia in 1842, Fabergé gained international renown for its objects of beauty, as well as its fine jewelry and watches. The Imperial Easter Eggs, commissioned as gifts by the Russian Imperial Family between 1885 and 1916, are the most celebrated and sought-after pieces from Fabergé. To learn more, please visit



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