New Fabergé Imperial Egg Displayed at Dorfman Jewelers, Boston

Faberge at Dorfman Jewelers Boston

If you’re in the Boston area, and want to get a taste of jewelry history in the making, by all means stop by Dorfman Jewelers on Newbury Street. A rare Fabergé Egg worth $740,000 is currently on display…and yes, it’s for sale.

Faberge The Art of Colour

The Fabergé Egg was delivered to the store by armored car this week to help celebrate the debut of the contemporary Fabergé Jewelry Collection at Dorfman, which is now the only location in North America to carry the jewelry first made for the Tsars, and reborn to meet the styles of today’s women.

The Spring Egg is one of four new Imperial Eggs called the Four Seasons, the first Imperial Eggs made by Fabergé since the Russian Revolution. Named for its vibrant spring-green color, the egg features 5,638 round white diamonds, 138.36 carats of emeralds and 36 princess-cut Paraiba tourmalines, all set in 18K rose gold and white gold.

About Fabergé

Founded in 1842, Fabergé has been one of the most revered names in jewelry ever since Peter Carl Fabergé became official goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court in 1882. The jewelry house created exquisite jewels and objects for the court, including the legendary series of ingenious and decorative Imperial Eggs, first commissioned in 1885 by Tsar Alexander III for his wife, Maria Fedorovna. This started a tradition of giving a Fabergé Egg every year at Easter, a practice that was carried on by Alexander’s son Nicholas II until 1916. Each egg in the Fabergé Imperial Egg Collection depicts a different event or theme in Russia’s history.

“Fabergé’s Imperial Eggs,” said Jonathan Dorfman, co-owner of the store that bears his name, “are the equivalent of Mercedes making a Formula One car. The point is to show the artistry, design, and technical ingenuity of the House—abilities that are apparent in everything it makes, including the many affordable pieces in the Fabergé collection. There are delightful, and beautifully made egg pendants, for instance, that start at $1,700.”

The Fabergé Imperial Egg will be on display at Dorfman Jewelers, 24 Newbury Street, Boston, through Saturday, October 17. By the way, if you’re interested in purchasing all four Imperial Eggs, the collection can be yours for a mere $2.96 million!

Faberge Heritage White Enamel Yellow Good Ring
Fabergé Heritage White Enamel Yellow Gold Ring
Fabergé Treillage Multi-Coloured Rose Gold Matt Wide Ring
Fabergé Treillage Multi-Coloured Rose Gold Matte Wide Ring
Fabergé Rococo Pavé Diamond Rose Gold Ring
Fabergé Rococo Pavé Diamond Rose Gold Ring

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