March Birthstone Report: The Serene Aquamarine

Aquamarine, the March birthstone, is a cool-colored gemstone that makes a perfect complement to spring and summer fashions. In fact, the Pantone Color Institute has just named the color aquamarine one of its top 10 colors for spring.

Just as the two parts of its name imply, aquamarine gemstones range from light aqua to a deep marine blue of the sea…the color getting more intense in larger stones.

Hammerman aquamarine and diamond earrings

The serene aquamarine is said to bring calm and levelheadedness to its wearers (and who doesn’t need a little more of both these days?).

Now that spring fashions are hitting department stores and boutiques, consider adding an aquamarine piece to your jewelry wardrobe. Here are some beautiful examples of the March birthstone to inspire you:

“Aquamarine & Diamond Splendour” Earrings by Hammerman are red-carpet-ready, featuring a long, shoulder-sweeping design set in platinum. Price on request at Dorfman Jewelers, Boston.


“An Art Deco Aquamarine and Diamond Brooch” from the 1920s features an openwork rectangular plaque set with circular-cut diamonds, centering upon a larger diamond with baguette-cut aquamarine detail. It fetched $10,353 at Christie’s Geneva Sale of Magnificent Jewels on November 11, 2014.

Art Deco and diamond earrings

“Cartier Art Deco Aquamarine and Diamond Ear Pendants” were sold at Christie’s London last year. The catalog said they are “extremely wearable and speak eloquently of the period in which they were made; a time of elegance and decadence.” At the turn of the 20th century, as a reaction to the subdued palette of the 19th century, lighter colors suddenly became very fashionable. Aquamarine, with its natural luminosity and icy blue color, was particularly suited to the new tastes of the day.

Bespoke aquamarine ring by Alexandra Mor

“A One-of-a-Kind Aquamarine Ring” was designed for a private collector by the incomparable Alexandra Mor. The mesmerizing 27.24 carat Asscher-cut aquamarine is set in double bands of platinum and gold with the designer’s signature “floating” diamond melee. Alexandra Mor fine jewelry is available at Dorfman Jewelers, Boston. To see her collection, or to arrange a private appointment to discuss a bespoke design, click here.

To learn how best to clean and care for your fine aquamarine jewelry, click here.

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