Looks for Less: Try These DIY Designer Jewelry Projects for Fall

DIY Jewellery Projects for Fall 2016. Photos en.vogue.fr
Photo Courtesy of Envogue.com

It’s official: The fall fashion issues of our favorite mags have arrived…and the new clothes and accessories are available in the department stores. If you find yourself with more dash than cash this season, check out these DIY designer jewelry projects and create the high-end look for less. All it takes is a little imagination and a trip or two to the crafts/office supply/hardware stores. Have fun!

Safety Pins and Paper Clips

Punk rock is alive and well in the Fall 2016 ready-to-wear collections. Safety pin and paper clip jewelry styles provide just the right (hard) edge to the season’s rush of crushed velvets and schoolgirl plaids.

Elle and French Vogue are featuring designer safety pin pieces in their Fall 2016 hot trends lists (prices on request). Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar picked Isabel Marant’s paper clip earrings ($200) as a must-have look this month.

DIY Tip: Buy jumbo paper clips and hang them from your own hoop earrings. Get the two-tone effect by putting standard paper clips on gold hoops, or gold-tone clips (available at stationery stores) on sterling silver hoops. Voila!

Locks and Chains

Alexander Wang Bag Charm, $150.
Alexander Wang Bag Charm. Photo Courtesy of HarpersBazaar.com

Industrial chain jewelry has been around for several seasons, but this fall designers are showing us new ways to adapt the heavy metal look. Case in point: Alexander Wang’s Padlock and Chain Bag Charm, available for $150 in better department stores.

DIY Tip: Why not make your own bag charm by attaching a mini padlock to a chain bracelet you already own? Clasp your bracelet to the D-ring of your bag’s handle; then load it up with charms and key fobs you’ve collected over the years.

Chokers and Cords

Velvet Choker with stickpin. nationaljeweler.com
Velvet Choker with Stickpin. Photo Courtesy of NationalJeweler.com

This one’s really a no-brainer. The September issues are chocked full of chokers – from black velvet and embroidered ribbons adorned with jeweled brooches to Balenciaga’s bicycle cord-with-toggle necklace ($525).

Silver and acrylic cord necklace by Balenciaga. Harpersbazaar.com
Silver and acrylic cord necklace by Balenciaga. Photo Courtesy of HarpersBazaar.com

DIY Tip: To achieve the Victorian choker look, purchase a length of velvet ribbon and attach your favorite stickpin, clip-on earrings or brooch. To replicate Balenciaga’s tough-girl necklace, head to the hardware store for a clear acrylic cord with toggles (under $25).

Tell us about your favorite DIY jewelry project. It’s a thrill to get the designer look for less!

Sources:  En.Vogue.fr; HarpersBazaar.com; NationalJeweler.com



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