Keep the Holidays Dazzling: Avoid Homemade DIY Jewelry Cleaners & Hacks!

Around this time of year I always do a full-on cleaning of my jewelry collection, both fine and fashion pieces. Polishing my jewelry helps me get in the holiday mood and decide what to wear (and buy) for upcoming family celebrations, nights on the town, and the inevitable office parties.

My friends at Connoisseurs recently reminded me that they get “frequently asked questions” at the holidays about jewelry cleaning hacks and homemade DIY jewelry cleaners—everything from toothpaste to beer to ketchup!

So I thought it might be helpful to separate the naughty from the nice: to review the best ways to achieve beautifully sparkling jewelry for this magical season…and beyond.

Naughty: Just Say No to Jewelry Cleaning Hacks

BaubleBar. Cartier juste-un-clou-bracelet-18K yellow-gold. Oval Emerald Ring-Xpandables by Picchiotti
BaubleBar Crystal Earrings. Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet in 18K Gold. Seven Oval Emerald and Round Diamond Ring from the Xpandable Collection by Picchiotti.

Many well-meaning bloggers recommend jewelry cleaning hacks that are “natural” recipes made from “common household ingredients.” But professional jewelers and collectors will tell you there are solid reasons why it’s best to avoid these homemade jewelry cleaners.

  • Take the oft-cited witch hazel or vinegar methods, for instance. Both liquids are acidic and can harm soft or porous stones, and gold or silver plating in your jewelry.
  • Toothpaste and baking soda are extremely abrasive, and can easily leave softer stones and metals with visible scratches.
  • What about soaking your jewelry in dishwashing detergent? Well, if it cuts baked-on grease in your turkey pan, and removes spilled oil sludge from a duck’s feathers, it’s definitely not made for jewelry cleaning. Some dishwashing liquids have ingredients that can leave a thin film on your jewelry that will make it look dull.
  • All of the above hacks recommend using “an old toothbrush” to brush ingredients onto dirty jewelry. Not only is an old toothbrush abrasive, and coated with abrasive toothpaste, it can actually transfer germs and bacteria to the jewels you wear on your body!

Nice: Clean It Yourself with Professionally Formulated Jewelry Cleaners

Diamond and Gold Drop Earrings by Jennifer Meyer. Statement Necklace by Real Housewives' Countess Luann de Lesseps Collection for SuperJeweler. Multi Hoops at BaubleBar.
Long Diamond Earrings by Jennifer Meyer. Necklace by Countess Luann de Lesseps for SuperJeweler. Gemma Hoops by BaubleBar.

If, like me, you’ve invested good money in your jewelry, don’t put it at risk with homemade DIY jewelry cleaners. Look for Connoisseurs, the  professionally formulated cleaners for your specific jewelry needs, at your local jeweler, big box store, or drugstore.

Connoisseurs is the top choice among jewelers, retailers, and people like us who are obsessed by jewelry. With an array of nontoxic cleaning products for gold, silver, diamonds, precious stones, and more, no wonder Connoisseurs is the best-selling jewelry cleaning brand in the world!

Everything You Need for Your Entire Jewelry Wardrobe

Hermes Chaine d'Ancre-Sterling Silver Big Chain Link Bracelet. Crystal Drop Earrings by Alessandra Rich
Hermes Chaine d’Ancre Sterling Silver Chain Link Bracelet.
Draped Circle Crystal Earrings by Alessandra Rich.


As Seen in New York Magazine: Diamond Dazzle Stik

Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik
Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik

4.7 out of 5 stars, 891 reviews!

“So this is basically magic. Like many people, I keep my ring on 24/7. Shower, occasionally dishes without gloves, washing my hands many times a day, and even if I take it off to lotion up my hands, some residue gets on my ring when I put it back on. In less than a minute, this has my diamonds sparkling like brand-new. Now I won’t be able to get any work done because I’ll be staring at my finger all day!”

Connoisseurs Liquid Dip Jewelry Cleaners, Precious Bath, Silver Bath, and Delicate Bath

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