June Birthstone Report: Pearls in the News

Pearls worn as an accesory
Photo Courtesy AccessoriesMagazine.com

There are a few accessories that are beyond trends. Wayfarer sunglasses, a structured lady bag, and of course, a strand of pearls. And while the graduation-day favorite might oft be thought of as antiquated—or dare we say, grandma-friendly—designers including Alexander McQueen and Thom Browne have demonstrated that pearls don’t always have to mean precious.”Vogue.com…May 7, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence wearing long and medium strands of pearls in layers.
Jennifer Lawrence in Pearls
Photo Courtesy of Vogue.com

Cool Girl Pearls

Our annual June birthstone report begins with Vogue’s recent article about actress and 2015 Met Gala co-chair Jennifer Lawrence. The magazine’s photographer snapped Lawrence out and about in Los Angeles sporting masses of pearls in a fresh, young way. We call them ‘cool girl pearls.’

By adding a pearl sautoire to a ribbed tank top and skinny jeans, Vogue said Lawrence injected “a touch of flapper-era glamour” into her black and white outfit. We think the matching multi-strand bracelet says she’s serious about her pearls…yet it all looks casual and off the cuff.

Salt water pearl strands
Record-breaking Pearls at Christie’s
 Photo Courtesy of Forbes.com

World-Class Pearls

On the opposite side of the ledger are ‘world-class pearls,’ natural pearls that are extremely rare and much sought after at international auction houses. Christie’s achieved a world-record price for pearls at its April Magnificent Jewels sale when this 4-strand saltwater pearl necklace fetched a whopping $5.1 million.

As told on Forbes.com, “The necklace comprises four strands of 81, 76, 69 and 63 natural gray and brown pearls, measuring approximately 12.65 to 4.90 mm. The Swiss Gemological Institute report confirms the authenticity of these saltwater natural pearls that, according to the report, have no indications of artificial color modification.”

Pearl ring, pendant and earrings by Jorge Adeler
Pearl Ring, Pendant and Earrings by Jorge Adeler
Photos Courtesy of NationalJeweler.com

Couture Pearls

Autore awarded 2015 Couture Design Awards Best in Pearls
Autore Received the 2015 Couture Design Awards “Best in Pearls” Award.
Photo Courtesy of NationalJeweler.com

Pearl jewelry reigned at last month’s Couture show in Las Vegas – the most important annual showcase for the fine jewelry industry. NationalJeweler.com featured Virginia-based designer Jorge Adeler’s exquisite pearl pieces, including rings, earrings and pendant designs from his ‘Sea’ and ‘Noir’ collections.

Look for these couture pearls and other high-end styles to be widely copied at many price points in the months ahead. And consider adding your own special twist to a strand of cool girl pearls this summer!

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