Jewelry-Inspired Tattoos: The Beyoncé x Flash Tattoos Collection

Beyonce Knowles wearing her new collection, Flash Tattoos

Beyoncé has launched a line of wash-off, metallic, jewelry-inspired tattoos with Austin, Texas-based Flash Tattoos. The Beyoncé x Flash Tattoos Collection consists of a pack of five sheets with 27 original designs, created in collaboration with the singer/style icon.

Miranda Burnet, who founded Flash Tattoos in 2013, told Women’s Wear Daily: “The collection is an edgier take on traditional jewelry. We wanted to focus on making a strong and empowering statement with the designs that embodied Beyoncé – fierce, fabulous and flawless.”

contents of the Beyoncé Flash Tattoos package

Beyond the Beyhive

The “jewelry” is edgy indeed. According to the Flash Tattoos website, “From a geometric honeycomb cuff bracelet to a stunning medallion cross, there’s something in the Beyoncé pack for everyone to rock and Flash.”

The Beyonce Collection 2 - featuring honeycomb, naughty girl, flawless, put a ring on it

The honeycomb is, of course, a salute to the “Beyhive,” the nickname for Beyoncé’s loyal fan base. Tattoos with handwritten musical phrases include “Naughty Girl,” “Crazy in Love,” “Let It Bee,” “No Fear,” “Perfection,” “Flawless,” and “I woke up like this.”

The Beyonce Collection Flash Tattoos as necklaces featuring "Diva" and "Flawless" pendants

Beyoncé a Natural Fit

The collaboration with Beyoncé was a natural fit for Flash Tattoos: Queen Bey has long been a fan of the brand, which is the fashion leader in the temporary tattoo category. She has been photographed on vacation — and at music festival Coachella — wearing an armful of the inked-on gold “jewelry” mixed with her own eclectic bling.

The Beyonce Collection 1, Flash Tattoos featuring back art and neck jewelry art

Frequently Asked Questions about Temporary Tattoos

Are temp tats for me? Stylists and fashion editors are tapping into the temporary jewelry tattoo craze, mixing wash-off metallic tats with real gold jewelry. They are appearing more and more frequently in fashion spreads and online editorials. OBJ says: “Go for it!”

Beyoncé's Flash Tattoo Collection

Flash Tattoos can be worn individually or layered on arms, legs, wrists, hands, or on the back. They last from four to six days and can be removed with baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil, and a gentle scrub.

Who’s wearing them? In addition to Beyoncé, celebrity fans of Flash Tattoos include Vanessa Hudgens, Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooklyn Decker, Alessandra Ambrosio and Katie Holmes.

Where can I get them? The Beyoncé x Flash Tattoos Collection is available on the Flash Tattoos website,; the five-sheet pack, in gold and black, retails for $28.


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