Jewelry Gift Guide #5: Don’t Forget to Buy Yourself a Bauble

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As you read this post, chances are you’re exhausted from holiday list-making, shopping, wrapping, and shipping. That is why the message of our Jewelry Gift Guide #5 is simple: Buy yourself a piece of jewelry before the holidays are over – you deserve it!

Studies show that 75 percent of all holiday shoppers self-purchase, so go ahead and use some of that gift-card money to buy something dazzling for the New Year. Here are five ideas from my personal jewelry wish list. Merry Christmas!

Giles and Brother Cuff Bracelet
Giles and Brother Cuff Bracelet. Photo Courtesy of

New Year, New Cuff

A metal cuff is perhaps the ultimate statement piece, often all you need to make an outfit pop. Style them individually or stack them up for added impact. I love this two-tone cuff with spheres of bright, polished 10K gold-plated hardware. The Ball Cuff, $185, at

Blaine and Bowen Cigar Band Rings
Blaine and Bowen Cigar Band Rings
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I’ve Always Wanted a Cigar Band Ring

This chunky look is the perfect foil for all those dainty, stacking rings that have been so popular lately. Available in a variety of bold styles or subtly embellished designs, these modern cigar band rings from Blaine and Bowen range from $65-$495 at

Collet or Riviere Necklace
Collet or Riviere Necklace. Anna Wintour Style

A Jeweled Necklace (or Three)

Fans of this blog know I am obsessed with rivière necklaces. Popularized by a certain fashion magazine editor, the rivière style — sometimes called a collet — is now widely known on vintage jewelry websites as “The Anna Wintour Necklace.” Glass necklace pictured: $95 at


Versace Medusa Earrings
Versace Medusa Earrings

A Face in the Crowd

I love any collectible with a face motif, whether it’s a (totally unaffordable) Picasso plate, a Jonathan Adler face vase, or these Medusa earrings from the Versace collection. They’re fashionable and a little cheeky, yet they don’t scream LOGO. Available at for $295.

Estee Lauder Limited Edition Year of the Monkey Powder Compact
Limited Edition Year of the Monkey Powder Compact by Estee Lauder

Celebrate 2016: The Year of the Monkey

This bejeweled powder compact from Estee Lauder celebrates The Year of the Monkey. Women born in this year are said to be quick-witted, energetic and cheerful — the life of the party. In this design, the monkey is holding a peach, which is a symbol of marriage, spring, and immortality. The refillable golden compact with bold Swarovski crystals includes a convenient mirror and a velvety pouch to keep it safe from scratches. Packaged in an elegant presentation box, it is $150 at most major department stores.

Dora Maar Muse Vases by Jonathan Adler
Dora Maar Muse Vases by Jonathan Adler



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