Inspirational Jewelry is Trending for Spring

Inspirational quotes find their way into jewelry, clothing and other accessories, Spring 2016 fashion trends
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Jewelry engraved with words or symbols of empowerment is a top-trending style for Spring/Sumer 2016. This inspirational jewelry trend may be a result of people searching for spirituality in our technological age, or looking to spring as the season of hope and renewal. It may also be traced to the fashion world’s new focus on word-motif clothes and accessories, a natural extension of our obsession with Social Media.

For these reasons and more, spring jewelry shoppers are responding to thoughtful statements or quotes stamped on metal bangles, necklaces, rings and charms. These personalized pieces of inspirational jewelry allow us to embrace messages of self-empowerment, and to share them with our friends.

Inspirational jewelry styles make perfect Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day or graduation gifts. Here are three terrific examples for Spring/Summer 2016, as seen in the pages of Accessories Magazine.

Alexys Ryan Inspirational Bracelets
Alexys Ryan Inspirational Bracelets. Photos courtesy of

Empowerment Bracelets by Alexys Ryan

The jewelry created by Alexys Ryan is meant to empower the woman who wears it. According to Ryan, “In today’s day and age, we often forget that our exteriors only tell a small piece of our story. Each piece of Alexys Ryan is meant to be the catalyst for a better day.”

This stackable gold-plated bangle may be ordered with any one of several inspirational words or phrases, including Love, Risk, Friendship, Patience, and OBJ fave: Perseverance. From $40, at

Just Say It Pendants
Just Say It Pendants in Gold and Silver

“Just Say It” Personalized Pendants by Jane Basch

Available in 14K yellow, rose or white gold, or sterling silver, the “Just Say It” pendant lets you design your own inspirational message of up to nine letters. The matching chain comes in 16 or 18 inches. Shown in sterling, it is $137.50 at

Create Your Own Rose Gold Cuff Bracelet
Create Your Own Rose Gold Cuff Bracelet from

“Create Your Own Hashtag” Cuff by Stella Valle

This rose gold-plated hashtag-shaped cuff from the Stella Valle collection can be engraved with “Create your own hashtag” messages to inspire and delight. From $53, at

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