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Happy Halloween! As soon as the stores have cleared out their pumpkin-themed merchandise, a new supply of holiday wreaths, decorations, and sparkling gifts takes over. So we think it’s high time to get a head start on your jewelry selections for the Christmas and New Year’s parties ahead. Here are some tips to help you prepare for everything from a casual office party to a formal gala. Hint: Some pieces may be hidden in your jewelry box already…we’ll show you how to get them holiday ready to show off your most dazzling style.

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Party Planning 101

Even though we know the holidays are coming, many of us are caught unprepared for the rounds of office and house parties ahead. Sure, you can throw on a red sweater with your best black pants, but the surest way to turn up the volume on your holiday outfits is with sparkling jewelry. First, take stock of what you own; next, buy one or two new pieces you so richly deserve; lastly, keep all your holiday jewelry polished to perfection so you’ll be ready to party!

Cabana Jeweled Cuff
Cabana Jeweled Cuff. Photo Courtesy of

Take Inventory

Professional closet organizers and decluttering experts agree: the best way to assess what you have is to lay it all out on your bed. With a full-length mirror handy, put on an LBD and try on all your jewelry. The goal is to keep what you love, discard, donate or store what you haven’t worn in years, and look for pieces that need repairing and cleaning.

Padparadscha Sapphire and Diamond Ring by Erica Courtney
Padparadscha Sapphire and Diamond Ring by Erica Courtney. Photo Courtesy of National Jeweler.
Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik
Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik


Celestial Style Drop Earrings
Celestial Drop Earrings. Photo Courtesy of

Buy Strategically

try wearing one drop earring with one stud for the asymmetrical look
Try one drop earring with a jeweled stud for the asymmetrical look. Photo courtesy of

Earrings. Statement earrings are still the best way to light up a holiday outfit, and asymmetry is the hottest earring trend of the year. Consider splitting the cost of a pair of new drop-style earrings with a friend, and wear just one with a jeweled stud in the other ear. Check out fashion jewelry and fine jewelry resources online to get ideas; readers tell us they love BaubleBar and Moda Operandi respectively.


David Yurman Gold and Diamond Lariat Knot Necklace
David Yurman Gold and Diamond Lariat Knot Necklace. Photo Courtesy of

Necklaces. Chances are you already own a good selection of chokers. Try layering them with a new lariat necklace or longer ropes and chains. Pair your necklaces with an open-neck satin blouse and a sleek black midi-skirt for an instant party outfit.

Add some hair jewelry for maximum holiday dazzle.
Add some hair jewelry for maximum holiday dazzle. Photo Courtesy of

Hair Ornaments. The Fall/Winter 2017 runways were ablaze with bejeweled barrettes, combs and headbands. We think it’s the easiest (and most affordable) holiday jewelry you can buy. Headbands are back…in gold, silver, crystals, and seed pearls. Rhinestone barrettes and hairpins are good options, too. Look for a wide variety of glittering hair accessories in department stores, big box stores, or your drugstore’s hair care aisle.

OBJ Tips: Clean and Polish

Give all your favorite jewelry pieces a thorough cleaning for the holidays. If you haven’t done so since the summer, imagine all the lotions, salt, and body oils that have been building up for months!

OBJ recommends Connoisseurs Advanced Dazzle Drops for all your gemstone jewelry; it’s the only jewelry cleaner that makes fresh solution every time for cleaner jewelry. And for your costume and fashion jewelry, try new Fashion Jewelry Wipes by Connoisseurs, pre-moistened wipes that remove dirt, grime, and hairspray residue in a flash.

Finally, don’t forget your engagement and wedding rings, and your diamond studs. Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik is powerful and portable…keep one with you throughout the holiday season…and beyond.

We’ll see you at the party!


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