How to Get Kendall and Kylie’s Jewelry Style on a Budget

Kendall Jenner at Cannes
Kendall Jenner in Cannes. Photo Courtesy of Her Instagram Page.

If you want to know about today’s top style influencers, look no further than Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Taking a page from their older half-sister, Kim Kardashian, the Jenners have leveraged their enormous Social Media following (hundreds of millions each) to fuel their careers in modeling, cosmetics, fashion and, most recently, jewelry.

Kendall’s and Kylie’s entrepreneurial success stories have been buoyed by their ongoing roles on E! Network’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” On August 6, Kylie will debut her E! TV spinoff, “Life of Kylie.” Kendall’s ads for Ippolita fine jewelry, in which she stars as model and “creative collaborator,” will break in fall fashion magazines.

Fashion-Conscious Sisters

The popular Kendall + Kylie fashion line, now in its second season, features clothing and accessories these Insta-celebrity sisters have adapted from their personal lives. Not only do they collaborate on every piece they design, they serve as models for the brand’s online look book.

K & K each have their own jewelry preferences, with some sisterly crossover, which is only natural. Let’s look at a few of their Social Media images to see how you can achieve Kendall and Kylie’s jewelry style on a budget.


In the photo above, Kendall proves that more is more…even when she’s off duty at the Cannes Film Festival. In this look she’s sporting jumbo gold hoops with a single punk-style safety pin earring, plus multi-strand cultured pearls layered with ribbons, gold chains, a circular gold pendant and a diamond necklace.

Safety Pin Earrings make a comeback
Clockwise: 1) Anita Ko Single Safety Pin Earring in 18K Gold and Pave Diamonds, $2,000 at 2) Sydney Evan 14K Gold and Diamond Safety Pin Earrings, $660 a Pair, at 3) Mini Safety Pin Studs with Crystals by Rebecca Minkoff, $19.99 a Pair, at

Chances are, Kendall’s earring is made by Anita Ko, whose single 18K gold and diamond design retails for $2,000. We found a pair in 14K gold and pavé diamonds, in a larger size, for $660. Consider splitting them (and the cost) with your sister or a friend. Safety pin jewelry is now a mainstream style that’s here to stay.

Kylie at the Beach
Kylie at the Beach @kyliejenner
Cartier Bracelets worn by Kylie Jenner, featured on her Pinterest Account
Kylie’s Cartier Love Bracelets on Pinterest.


It has been widely reported that Kylie Jenner has been locked into her Cartier Love Bracelets for four years. A favorite of all the Kardashian-West-Jenner women, the iconic 18K gold Love Bracelet, which comes with its own screwdriver, has been copied for decades…but never quite duplicated.

These popular bangles are available in yellow, white or rose gold, starting at $4,000, at Cartier. If that’s too rich for your blood, you’re not alone: check out Dana Tyler Inspired Travel Jewelry for a similar look at a fraction of the price.

Dana Tyler Travel Inspired Jewelry, Bracelets
Bracelets by Dana Tyler Inspired Travel Jewelry,, $29 each at

Many women who can well afford fine jewelry buy or commission costume copies with which to travel. Dana Tyler’s Screw Bracelet in gold- or silver-tone metal has the “look of real” for only $29. At this price you can afford to stack them in multiples, as Kylie does. Stylists suggest wearing them in odd numbers…one, three, five, or seven!

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