How to Get Paris Fashion Week Jewelry Looks for Less

Valentino Fall 2016 Haute Couture Collection
Valentino Fall 2016 Haute Couture Collection

Bejeweled chokers worn under Shakespeare-inspired ruffled collars at Valentino…open-front necklaces anchored by mismatched statement jewels at Dior…squiggle-shaped earrings shown with Pop Art prints at J. Mendel…evil eye brooches and gold “shoulder jewels” at Schiaparelli.

These are just a few of the jewelry trends from the Fall 2016 Haute Couture collections in Paris last week. To help you achieve the Paris Fashion Week jewelry looks for less, we offer the following affordable alternatives and how-to-wear tips. Happy shopping!


Valentino High Renaissance Collar  and Rhinestone Necklace
Valentino High Renaissance Collar photo courtesy of Rhinestone Necklace photo courtesy of

Valentino’s Fall 2016 couture collection included lots of ruffled white collars, an influence from Shakespearean and Renaissance designs. To achieve the Valentino look, try wearing a jeweled leather or velvet choker under your high collars this fall. Necklace shown: $180 on


Open-Front Necklace. Dior Open-Ended Choker
Open-Front Necklace photo courtesy of Dior Open-Ended Choker photo courtesy of

An open-front statement necklace is nothing new, but Dior took it to the next level with mismatched anchor pieces in mixed metals and jewels. You can make your own statement by purchasing a simple open-ended collar necklace and adding high-contrast brooches or clip-on earrings. Collar shown: $78 at

J. Mendel

J. Mendel Graffiti Print Dress.  Squiggle earrings
J. Mendel Graffiti Print Dress photo courtesy of Earrings on

Giles Mendel showcased stunning evening wear in Paris, especially his Pop Art prints reminiscent of Keith Haring’s graffiti paintings from the 1980s. We found hammered aluminum earrings in the same squiggle motif. Earrings shown: $28 on


Shoulder Jewelry at Schiaparelli; Athena Necklace
Left and Right: Shoulder Jewelry at Schiaparelli. Middle: Athena Necklace at

Among the most innovative Paris Fashion Week jewelry looks for fall was Schiaparelli’s sculptural shoulder jewelry — gold leaves that seemed to float around the body. Since the bare shoulder trend will continue through fall, why not wear your gold necklaces in this bold new way? Athena Leaf Necklace shown: $48 at

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We bring you highlights from the Fall 2016 High Jewelry collections featured at Paris Fashion Week… fabulous diamonds and gemstones from Chanel, Chaumet and Boucheron.


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