How to Choose the Best Jewelry for Prom: What to Wear, Buy, or Borrow

Prom dresses 2018

It’s the final countdown to prom and you’ve found a fabulous dress. Now it’s time to select the jewelry and accessories to complete your look. We’ve rounded up some stylists’ tips to help you find the best jewelry for Prom Season 2018. The goal is to achieve a one-of-a-kind impression!

This neckline calls for a statement necklace. GettyImages. Statement necklace in Crystal. $68 at Gold snake necklace. Photo Courtesy of PromDresses on Instagram
Clockwise: Off -the-shoulder necklines call for statement necklaces. GettyImages.Julianna Statement Necklace, $68, at Gold Snake Necklace. Photo Courtesy of PromDresses on Instagram


Whether your dress is long or short, if it’s strapless or off-the-shoulder you’ve chosen the perfect style for a mid-length statement necklace. For V-neck or plunging necklines, try something longer. Backless? Consider a lariat style worn down your back.

Let your fabric be your guide: If your dress is embellished with silver or gold thread, for instance, choose same-toned silver or gold jewelry. If the bodice is extremely ornate, you may want to forego a necklace altogether and make your statement with bracelets and earrings instead.

Two-piece and cut-out dresses are especially on-trend this prom season, but take care that too much jewelry may compete with your bare midriff. We love the simple elegance of the gold snake necklace paired with the red dress pictured above.

Two-piece Prom styles are popular this year. Instagram. Ella Carter Earrings from
Left to Right: Two-piece prom styles are popular this year. Instagram. Ella Carter Toby Earrings from


When wearing a statement necklace, the rule of thumb is to keep your earrings on the simple side. If not, splurge on big chandeliers or long drop styles. Of course, your earring choice will depend on how you wear your hair: long, up-do, half up/half down, or side-swept. Perhaps you’re thinking about an embellished headband or jeweled hair accessories? If so, tailored diamond or pearl studs may be the best solution.



For something you won’t see on anyone else, try borrowing your prom jewelry from Rent the Runway.  This online resource is an affordable way to wear the latest gowns, cocktail dresses, and designer jewelry for a fraction of their retail cost. Simply return your selections after prom weekend! 

Don’t forget to clean your rented jewelry before and after you wear it; this is an especially important health consideration if you’re borrowing pierced earrings.



Rainbow Line Bracelet from
Elliotte Rainbow Line Bracelet, $42, at

If it’s the custom at your school for girls to wear wrist corsages, go for a bangle or a line bracelet on the opposite wrist. On the other hand, if corsages are a no-go where you live, consider one or two wide cuffs …perhaps one on each wrist.


"Ruby" Cocktail Ring at
“Ruby” Cocktail Ring, $34, at

Change things up from your everyday stackables and try a cocktail ring on the hand in which you hold your clutch or phone case. This is a sophisticated celebrity look straight from the red carpet…and prom is your red carpet, so dazzle and enjoy!

Blake Lively. GettyImages
Blake Lively. GettyImages
Gigi Hadid. GettyImages
Gigi Hadid. GettyImages

Blake Lively Interviews Gigi Hadid in the May Issue of Harper’s Bazaar | An Excerpt:

BL: ….Did you go to prom?

GH: All four years.

BL: Wait, you were asked to prom as a freshman? My God, you were cool. I’m so intimidated now. Do you have your prom pictures on there? Can we go down the Instagram rabbit hole and see all of this? Where did you get your dress?

GH: I never bought a prom dress; I just went in my mom’s closet. We wear the same size shoe and dress, so it was major.

BL: Did you have a “fancy gown” prom, or was it more Laguna Beach? I know, I’ve got high-class reality-TV references.

GH: In Malibu, we wore short dresses to prom because it’s a beach town. The gown situation wasn’t really our thing.

BL: Yeah, my prom situation was full-on Toddlers & Tiaras.




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