How to Build a Capsule Jewelry Collection: Our Top 5 Pieces

“New year, new jewelry” is a favorite mantra here at OBJ. As we assess the latest in-store and online trends for 2017, January is also the perfect time to review the basics—those classic pieces that form a capsule jewelry collection on which you can build. Here are OBJ’s top five jewelry wardrobe-makers…investment pieces that many well-dressed woman won’t leave home without. What’s in your jewelry box?

Effy 1.50-carat Diamond Studs, Available at Bon-Ton
Effy 1.50-carat Diamond Studs, Available at Bon-Ton

Diamond Studs

Let’s start at the top: good diamond studs will never let you down. They’re timeless, seasonless, and they defy trends and fads. You can wear them with everything from jeans to the dressiest velvet and lace ensemble. Tip: If you can only afford ¼ or ½-carat studs to start, that’s okay; many jewelers will let you trade them up later for a bigger pair.

Pearl Choker
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A Strand of Pearls

Nothing lights up your face like a strand of pearls. Just take a look at Sienna Miller at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. In a sea of diamonds and gemstones, her all-white turnout, with pearls by Tiffany & Co., looked fresh and young…even daring.

If you’re lucky enough to have inherited your mother’s or grandmother’s pearls, give them another chance. Shopping for new pearls? We think the length shown on Sienna works well with any neckline (see It Girls Love Their Pearls for more ideas).


Italian Andiamo 14K Yellow Gold Oval Link Bracelet, Available at
Italian Andiamo 14K Yellow Gold Oval Link Bracelet, Available at


A Real Gold Bracelet

Every woman should own at least one good gold bracelet, whether it’s a slim gold bangle, a wide cuff, or a chunky chain-link style. Look for 14K gold bracelets to go on sale around Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself…you’ll never regret this capsule collection purchase.


Movado Women's Museum Watch
Movado Women’s Museum Watch, Available at

A Classic Watch

Fashion editors and stylists agree: by the time you’re 30, you should try to invest a classic watch. Look for a timeless style (no pun intended) that will never go out of fashion, like a Cartier Tank, a two-tone Rolex, or a Movado Museum Watch with a black numberless dial.

Your “good” watch (worn with or without your best gold bracelet) will fast become part of your signature look. Sure, you can also collect trendy, casual watches “of the moment,” but a classic timepiece will last you a lifetime.

Hoop Earrings

14K Yellow Gold Hoops, Available at Kay Jewelers.
14K Yellow Gold Hoops, Available at Kay Jewelers.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: hoop-style earrings take 10 years off your age! Hoops remind many of us of our younger selves; they’re just as popular today as they were in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.

Look for 14K gold hoops with some width and weight, the skinny ones tend to get lost in your hair. And please avoid “the bigger the better” advice; medium-size hoops will work with everything you own.


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