Hoop Earrings with a Twist: Get the Designer Look for Less

Jewelry Trends: Hoop Earrings
All Model Photos Courtesy of en.vogue.fr

Who doesn’t love a good pair of hoops? Classic hoop earrings — as ancient as Cleopatra and as right-now as Rihanna – are having a moment, thanks to the return of Boho Chic and all things ‘70s. But as hoops get bigger in popularity and in diameter, there seems to be a small revolution afoot. Several emerging European designers are moving towards smaller, more refined hoops …and showing us new and different ways to wear them. Here are four high-end hoop styles we love, each with a budget-friendly alternative.

inner circle hoop earrings
L- Designer Ina Beissner’s Clip-in Hoop; R- Swarovski Clip-ons for $49.82

Inner Circle

German designer Ina Beissner has taken a classic hoop and turned it on its ear. Her sleek gold and diamond circle clips gently into the ear instead of on it. Whether worn solo, or as a pair, Beissner’s beauties fall squarely into the “price-on-request” category. Try achieving a similar look by making any clip-on earring a clip-in. Featured: Gold-tone hoops with Swarovski crystals, $49.82, at picvpic.com.

pirouette twistee gold hoop earrings
L- Spiral Earrings from Overstock.com; R- Pirouette Hoop by Designer Sophie Brill Brahe

Tiny Dancer

Originally from Denmark, and trained in London, Sophie Brill Brahe won the 2014 Elle Style Award for Jewelry. Her graceful dancing hoop, aptly named Pirouette, seems to twirl from the ear to the cheekbone. Brahe’s earrings sell for more than $1,000 on net-a-porter; our 10kt gold-with-diamond alternatives are $119.99 at overstock.com.

tiny dancer hoop earrings
L- Designer Twistees from Maison Margiella Jewelry; R- Cubic Zirconia Hoops from ross-simons.com


From Maison Margiella Jewelry, these diamond and white gold Twistées take hoops to a whole new level. X-style earrings, especially in diamonds, are bold (and expensive) graphic statements. You can find Cubic Zirconia versions for under $50 at ross-simons.com.

Saturne White and Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings
L- Two-tone Hoops at salmajewelry,com; R- Designer Charlotte Chenais’ Saturne Hoops

Out of This World

Parisian designer Charlotte Chenais’ “Saturne” hoops mix white and yellow gold in a salute to the Solar System. Carried by the high-end boutique Collette, they retail for close to $2,000. If you like the look, try it for less: this two-tone style is available for $89.65 at salmajewelry.com.

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