Jewelry Gift Guide: #1- Starburst and Snowflake Earrings

I’m off to an early start on our Jewelry Gift Guide for the holidays, and the first idea on my list is a pair of dazzling starburst or snowflake earrings. Celestial-themed earrings are particularly popular this year, including starbursts, crescent moons, constellations, and snowflakes (like stars, no two are exactly alike).

Here are several examples of heavenly earrings for the holidays and beyond — from a very affordable pair of crystal stars by fashion designer Betsey Johnson, to limited-edition Snowflake Diamonds Earrings by the extraordinary fine jewelry artist Alexandra Mor.

Happy shopping!

Glass Star Earrings

Dancing with the Stars. Betsey Johnson has been a superstar of outrageous fashion since the 1960s. These Silver-Tone Glass Crystal Star Drop Earrings are ladylike and very now.
Only $35 at Macy’s.

Bidermann celestial moon earrings

Houston, We’ve Got a Problem. Aurélie Bidermann’s gold satellite earrings have me over the moon. How can I afford a pair for my sister…and a pair for myself?
$767 at

Versace Earrings

Brightly Shining. These colorful falling stars from Versace made it to “The List” of best holiday accessories in Harper’s Bazaar.  $925, at

Alexandra Mor Dangling Snowflake Earrings - 18K Yellow Gold

#1 On My All-Time Personal Wish List:

Alexandra Mor Dangling Snowflake Diamond Earrings. Suspended by a pair of round Diamonds; featuring Alexandra Mor’s signature details of ‘floating’ Diamond melee and knife-edged wire. Platinum set around 18K yellow gold Alexandra Mor logo gallery. Available in 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold and platinum. Signed by the artist. Crafted in the USA. Limited-Edition 1/50. Available at The Alexandra Mor Salon, only at Dorfman Jewelers, Boston. Price on request.


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