Here Comes Engagement Season! New Engagement Ring Styles for 2018/19

Princess Eugenie's Engagement Ring
Top: Jack Brooksbank and Princess Eugenie of York, October 12, 2018. Above: Princess Eugenie’s Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring. Photo Courtesy of Pinterest.

Did you know that October has surpassed June as the most popular month for weddings? Or that Thanksgiving is the start of official Engagement Season (though Valentine’s Day), when more people get engaged than any other time of year? Love is in the autumn air, as our images from Princess Eugenie’s wedding and New York’s Bridal Fashion Week confirm. If you’re shopping or hoping for a ring in the months ahead, here are several new engagement ring styles that will have you saying yes, yes, yes!

Tiffany True

Tiffany True Diamond Engagement Rings with Tiffany T. At the East of the Sun and West of the Moon Bridal Collection at Bridal Fashion Week. Photo 2unesdisanto
Left: Tiffany True Diamond Engagement Rings. Right: Ines Di Santo’s East of the Sun and West of the Moon Bridal Collection at Bridal Fashion Week, October 5-10, 2018, in NYC. Photo @inesdisanto

Tiffany & Co. has just introduced the Tiffany True engagement ring collection, its first new engagement line with a special diamond cut since the Tiffany Lucida in 1999. The Tiffany True is streamlined and architectural, with a diamond that sits close to the finger. I love the subtle Tiffany “T” logo detail that is only visible when viewed from the side.

Tiffany True diamond engagement rings are available in platinum with a square mixed-cut diamond or in 18K yellow gold with a yellow diamond, starting at $7,000 and climbing up to $197,000+.

According to a National Jeweler magazine, “Consumers today are leaning toward cleaner styles for engagement rings, trending away from halos and fussy floral settings to simple, prong-set solitaires.” The classic six-prong Tiffany setting, which the company created in 1886, is still its best-selling design.

Lab-Grown Diamond Rings

Behind the scenes at New Yotk Bridal Fashin Week. @lelarosebridal. Millennials are buying Lab-Grown Diamonds. Photos 2 and 3 courtesy of brilliantearth. Lab-Grown Diamond, 0.91 ct j color, vs1 clarity, $1,530.
Left: Behind the scenes at New York Bridal Fashion Week. @lelarosebridal. Right: Lab-Grown Diamond, 0.91 carats, J Color, VS1 Clarity, $1,530, at

Forbes magazine reports that a recent study by MVI Marketing found that millennials are increasingly interested in lab-grown diamonds; nearly 70% of those surveyed would consider one for an engagement ring. The main reason for the appeal of man-made diamonds is, you guessed it, price. Over three-fourths agreed with this statement: “I would consider lab-grown diamonds because I would like to save money on an engagement ring.”

“When consumers are given a choice between buying a 1 carat mined diamond for $5,000 or a bigger 1.25 carat lab-grown diamond for the same price, more people are opting for the bigger lab-grown stone,” writes Pam Danziger in Forbes.

Millennials are also concerned about the human and environmental costs of extracting natural diamonds from the earth. Natural diamond miners counter that the intense heat used to make man-made diamonds must be factored into this environmental equation.

While the debate continues, ethically sourced diamond giant Brilliant Earth carries both mined and lab-grown diamond engagement rings on its website and in its showrooms. Would you consider a lab-grown diamond ring? Please respond in the Comments section below.

The Brilliant Earth X Lela Rose Collection

Dahlia in Yellow Gold. lela Rose. Magnolia in white gold by lela rose. Fleur in Rose Gold by Lela Rose for Brilliant Earth
L to R: The Dahlia in Yellow Gold., the Magnolia in White Gold, and the Fleur in Rose Gold: Engagement Ring Settings from the new Brilliant Earth X Lela Rose Collection.

In another stroke of brilliance, Brilliant Earth has partnered with popular bridal wear designer Lela Rose on a new ring collection. The company launched the Brilliant Earth X Lela Rose bridal jewelry collection in late September, showcasing styles inspired by Rose’s elegant and romantic gowns.

The new offering includes six engagement rings and two wedding bands—all available in platinum, 14K rose gold, 18K white gold, and 18K yellow gold. Featuring signature details found in Rose’s bridal gowns, the rings range from $2,190 to $4,390, without center stones. Many of the settings include pavé diamonds.

While simple styles may be trending, I love these feminine rings adapted from Rose’s intricate floral embroideries, beautiful beadwork, and chic silhouettes. According to Rose, “Our iconic bridal gown detailing is woven into each style to create rings that are at once modern and timeless.”

Watch a video of the Fall 2019 Lela Rose wedding gown collection from Bridal Fashion Week.


Source: Forbes, May 10, 2018; National Jeweler, September 20, 2018

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